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April 1, 2017
WWN - WrestleMEHnia Edition!

Welcome to a very special WrestleMEHnia edition of the Weekly Wrestling News! In this episode, your host, Doc Manson, provides an in-depth look at all of the feuds and story lines leading into WrestleMania! Whether you're a die hard fan or this is your fi

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October 16, 2016
Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 7

This was a big week for news in the world of professional wrestling. We cover the return of Goldberg to the WWE, the return of Mickie James to NXT, the announcement of the first women's division Hell in a Cell, and the continued collapse of TNA.

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October 9, 2016
Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 6

This week we cover the latest news from the WWE, including Vince McMahon's return to television production, the premier of Total Bellas, the latest from RAW, and SmackDown Live's go home show before No Mercy.

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October 2, 2016
Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 5

This week, we provide a dramatic reading of Orton: Repercussions of Booking, a meme which appeared on Twitter during SmackDown Live this week. We also cover the fallout from Clash of Champions, RAW, and Smackdown, covering WWE superstars Heath Slater, Ran

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September 24, 2016
Weekly Wrestling News - Episode 4

The Weekly Wrestling News is your source for the fake news! This week we interview #NerdDC about his new hit single, Nerdanomics. Also, we report the latest news regarding WWE RAW and Smackdown, including coverage regarding Nikki Bella's twitter account a

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September 17, 2016
Weekly Wrestling News - Episode 3

The Weekly Wrestling News is your source for the fake wrestling news. This week, we talk about the fallout from Backlash, the latest happenings on RAW and Smackdown, and cover reports that Vince McMahon sustained an injury while training. Smackdown commen

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