For many in the NAIborhood, the last few weeks have been spent binge watching Wrestlemanias of old in preparation for next weekend's festivities.

However, not everyone might have had the time (or interest, honestly) to do so.  Still, some sort of homework must be done, so leave it to "The Teacher" to have you covered.

This is the first of what might be a couple of Wrestlemania Watch Lists, where I offer a series of matches for your entertainment and education.

How do I select these?  Well, I'd love to say that I've spent hours upon hours scouring through the entire Wrestlemania archive and using a carefully constructed criteria, have ranked everything myself.  But sadly, even I don't have that kind of time.

So I'm using Meltzer's ratings.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT in love with Dave Meltzer's ratings system.  In fact, it's confusing and seems to have a whole lot of personal bias thrown in.  However, until I find a better system (one with a clearly understandable rubric), this is all I've got.

This week: The Highest Rated Matches of Each Wrestlemania


Wrestlemania 1 - Ricky Steamboat vs. Matt Borne - 3.25 stars

Note: If you don't know who Matt Borne is. . . It's Doink.  The Dragon is wrestling Doink.

Wrestlemania 2 - The British Bulldogs vs. The Dream Team (Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake) - 4 stars

Wrestlemania 3 - Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage - 4.5 stars

Note: This match would appear on anyone's ratings system, I believe.  Some consider it, from a WWF standpoint at least, the first "modern" match.  If you have never watched it, fix that promptly.

Wrestlemania 4 - (3 WayTie) - 2.25 stars

Note: As the low rating suggests, Meltzer wasn't a huge fan of these tournament matches. I seem to recall finding them better than he did, but none of them were stand-outs.  As for the winners, we have Ricky Steamboat vs. Greg Valentine, Randy Savage vs. Greg Valentine, and Savage vs. Ted Dibiase.

Tangent: Greg Valentine and Ricky Steamboat are really the standouts of the very early Wrestlemania years, as either man was part of the best matches of the first four Manias.

Wrestlemania 5 - Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage - 2.75 stars

Wrestlemania 6 - Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior - 3.75 stars

Note: Yes, Hulk Hogan had the best match 2 years in a row.  Obviously Meltzer considers storytelling alongside (if not above) in-ring action.

Wrestlemania 7 - Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior - 4.25 stars

Wrestlemania 8 - Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair - 4.25 stars

Tangent: The first decade of Wrestlemanias belonged to the Macho Man, as we can see, which makes the fact that he didn't wrestle at Mania 9 so curious.  Was he injured? Was it really that Vince thought it was time to move on, since obviously Savage still had some gas in the tank.  I mean, he had a very enjoyable match with Crush at Wrestlemania X. . .  Odd.

Wrestlemania 9 - Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka - 3.25 stars

Wrestlemania 10 - Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon - 5 stars

Wrestlemania 11 - Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel - 4 stars

Note:  Really? I remember very little from Mania 11, despite it being as close to my hometown as you could get. I certainly don't remember this main event being anything good. . .

Wrestlemania 12 - Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - 4.25 stars

Tangent:  It's a shame we never got to see a prolonged feud between HBK and Macho Man.  Apparently there's a match or two floating around out there on the Internet, though.

Wrestlemania 13 - Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - 5 stars

Note: According to Meltzer, this and the ladder match from WMX are the only 5 star matches in Wrestlemania history.  If you want proof that his ratings system is totally wrong, that's probably exhibit A.

Wrestlemania 14 - New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie AND Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin - 3.25 stars

Wrestlemania 15 - Steve Austin vs. The Rock - 3.5 stars

Note: Impressive 3 year run for Stone Cold, especially when you consider he broke his neck in between Mania 13 and 14, forcing him to drastically alter his wrestling style.

Wrestlemania 16 - Dudleys vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Hardys - 4 stars

Wrestlemania 17 - Dudleys vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Hardys - 4.75 stars

Note: Only three matches will repeat as the best match of back to back Wrestlemanias - Without cheating, can you name the other two?  Bet you can.

Wrestlemania 18 - (3 Way tie) - 3 stars

Note: Ric Flair vs. Undertaker, The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan and Chris Jericho vs. Triple H all share the victory here.  Having just recently seen this PPV, I agree with the first two, but Y2J vs. The Game doesn't belong here.  Good match, but not on the level of the others.

Also, despite this being the second decade of matches for The Deadman, this is his first appearance on the list, but nowhere near his last.  More on that later.

Wrestlemania 19 - Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar - 4.25 stars

Note: Imagine how good it would have been had Lesnar NOT landed on his head!!!

Wrestlemania 20 - Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit - 4.75 stars

Note: This is a 5 star match to me.  Not sure what the .25 was Meltzer deigned to deduct from this Triple Threat, but it was as good as you can get.

Wrestlemania 21 - Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle - 4.75 stars

Note: I originally was trying to devise a formula one could use to accurately calculate "Mr. Wrestlemania", but after looking at this list, there's no point.  Even the Undertaker, at 21 and 1, doesn't hold a candle to the Heartbreak Kid.  Four Best Matches in a row in the 1990's, then 3 more consecutive ones in the 2000's, and we're STILL not done!

Wrestlemania 22 - Money in the Bank and Mick Foley vs. Edge - 4 stars

Note: Foley vs. Edge should be ranked higher, and not just because MITB is a glorified spot-fest (albeit a thoroughly enjoyable one).  Mick Foley and Adam Copeland damn near killed each other (and Amy Dumas, while they were at it) and if you want to choose a single moment when Edge went from being a good wrestler to a main event juggernaut, I imagine this was probably it.

Wrestlemania 23 - Money In the Bank - 4.25 stars

Wrestlemania 24 - Edge vs. Undertaker - 4.25 stars

Wrestlemania 25 - Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker - 4.75 stars

Note: This is not only a 5 star match, it probably goes beyond that.  In the NAI150, most people picked this match as the best one OF ALL TIME.  Yet Lord Meltzer deemed it unworthy of such distinction.

Tangent:  Seriously, why can't somebody come up with a better ratings scale?  Do I have to do this?  Is this what my life will become now?

Wrestlemania 26 - Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker - 4.75 stars

Note: Shawn Michaels stole the show at just about one third of all Wrestlemanias.  Forget you, Triple H, let's all bow down to the REAL king, the guy. . . . The guy who probably wouldn't find it religiously appropriate for us to bow down to anyone.  How about a hearty handshake, Shawn?  Nice work!

Wrestlemania 27 - Triple H vs. Undertaker - 4.25 stars

Wrestlemania 28 - Triple H vs. Undertaker - 4.75 stars

Wrestlemania 29 - CM Punk vs. Undertaker - 4.5 stars

Note:  It's worth mentioning here that Undertaker turned 40 years old in 2005, yet this Streak, if you will, didn't start until he was 43.  From ages 43 to 48, Undertaker had the best match at Wrestlemania.  Now, granted, his opponents (Edge, HBK, HHH, Punk) were among the best in the world at the time, but regardless.  This might be even more impressive than being 21-1.  Any other wrestlers you know that peaked in their 40's?

Wrestlemania 30 - Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan - 4.5 stars

Wrestlemania 31 - Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (guest starring Seth Rollins) - 4.5 stars

Note: Curious thought experiment would be what the ratings, and crowd response, would have been had we not been TOTALLY SHOCKED by Rollins cashing in during this match.




The year was 1991.  America was in the midst of a war in the Persian Gulf.  One of our greatest military heroes (WWF’s, at least) had just turned his back on his country and allied with the Iraqi regime.  Only a Real American could stand in his way, as DC’s Network Diaries brings you Wrestlemania VII.

Authors Note:  I watched this PPV close to 2 weeks ago and in the efforts of full disclosure, I wasn’t paying intense attention.  Thus, my column will be more #NAIstalgia than anything else.  Apologies to those who were hoping for a real in-depth analysis.

Willie Nelson sang a song of patriotism.  Pretty sure that’s the only time I’ve ever seen him not under the influence of cannabis.

The Rockers vs. Barbarian and Haku

Highpoint:  What’s not to like?  The Rockers were still firing on all cylinders, despite being near the end of their tag tenure.  The Barbarian is wearing antlers like he’s King Cuerno from Lucha Underground on steroids.  You have Haku, one of my favorite wrestlers from the 80’s, and you have Bobby Heenan, my favorite manager and overall wrestling personality of all time.

Plus, the match was good!  How could I NOT love this?

Lowpoint:  The fact that this card, generally considered to be among the least popular Manias in history, had such a good match on it.  The crowd was hyped and then the rest of the show (with some exceptions) failed to capitalize on it.

So What:  Wrestlemania VII featured four separate tag matches with 8 different fully fledged tag teams (though in hindsight, I don’t know if Kitao and Tenryu were established before their brief WWF run).  It’s entirely possible Wrestlemania 31 won’t feature a single tag match, especially now that one of the Uso’s may be out for a prolonged period with a shoulder injury.

Woe to the fallen tandem division.

The Texas Tornado vs. Dino Bravo

Highpoint:  The match was rather mercifully short.

Lowpoint:  Within 2 years of this match, both Von Erich and Bravo would be dead, each in their own tragic way.

So What:  I’m not an expert or anything, but I do get the sense than the WWE’s Wellness Program seems to be working fairly well.  Bravo’s death had more to do with the Canadian mafia (Yes, you read that right) than anything else, but I’d like to think there would be more help for the Von Erich family now than there was back then.

British Bulldog vs. The Warlord

Highpoint:  Man, Davey Boy Smith was a good wrestler.  I forget that sometimes with all the struggles he had near the end, but he was something else.  When does he get into the Hall of Fame?

Lowpoint:  I’m not sure if it was the Warlord’s weird “futuristic Phantom of the Opera” mask or his manager Slick’s slightly offensive ranting or just the fact that Terry Szopinski wasn’t all that good in the ring, but let’s just put it all together and say that was the collective nadir.

So What:  How many kids (if kids watched the archived stuff on WWE Network) watched Warlord and Slick’s promo before the match and wondered what in the world that strange rectangular box with the metal corded phone was?  (Hint: It was a pay phone, you damn whippersnappers.  People used them back before everyone had a cell phone.  You paid a quarter and could make a quick phone call.  #GetOffMyLawn)

The Nasty Boys vs. The Hart Foundation for the Tag title

Highpoint:  A solid match between all four men, but for me, you can’t go wrong with Jim Neidhart’s choice of headgear heading to the ring.

Lowpoint:  Comparatively, Jimmy Hart’s Nasty Boys motorcycle helmet needed some work and an explanation.

So What:  Both of these teams are not in the WWE Hall of Fame, but in a few days, the Bushwhackers will be.  Color me confused.

Jake Roberts vs. Rick Martel

Highpoint:  If someone was ever to offer a graduate-level class on wrestling ring psychology, this would be on the syllabus, believe me.  The Lowpoint is that there is very little in-ring action here, but there doesn’t need to be!  Jake and Martel together combine to tell one of the better stories inside a wrestling ring that I can think of.  Jake’s use of the crowd, pointing in a slow arc until the fans let him know what direction “The Model” is in, Martel acting like the terrified puppy for the entire time - it’s just a work of art.

So What:  Dear Jason Albert at the WWE Performance Center - make your trainees watch this match.  THIS is how you do it.

Undertaker vs. Jimmy Snuka

Highpoint:  I hate to quote Michael Cole, but to hell with him, this was a phrase before he started using it every 5 seconds - This is VINTAGE Undertaker.  He’s only 4 months or so into his run, so this is Taker 1.0.  The gray gloves, the very pale face, the multiple, multiple choke holds.  This is fun.

Lowpoint:  I may offend some people here, but I have to ask - What’s the appeal of Jimmy Snuka?  Sure, he had a great splash, especially off of a cage, but other than that, was he any good?  Really?

So What:  If WWE is still trying to figure out what Taker’s outfit for this year’s Mania should be, may I suggest they use his look from his first Mania for inspiration.

Actually, I suggest he become the American Bad Ass once more - that’s what I REALLY want.  But if that’s not an option, then totally this.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage

Highpoint:  As if you needed a reason why Randy Savage is one of the top 10-15 in-ring workers in history, I submit this - This retirement match garnered 4.25 stars from Dave Meltzer.  Now, I don’t care much about what Meltzer has to say, but he doesn’t give out those kind of rankings often.  And this match featured the Ultimate Warrior!

Lowpoint:  Realizing we never really saw a good Savage vs. Bret or Savage vs. HBK series of matches.

So What:  Allow me to use this opportunity to steer you to another of my columns, my “What If Wednesday” hypothesizing the ramifications if Savage had stayed in WWE.  It’s good, I promise!

Tenryu and Kitao vs. Demolition

Highpoint:  Knowing that WWF (and WCW, from my quest to watch all their PPV’s) had such a good working relationship with Japanese wrestling.  Right now that is really ROH’s purview, but it gives me hope that we could see this again.  WWE and New Japan?  Go ahead and fantasize, NAIbors!

Lowpoint:  The downside of having a match like Savage vs. Warrior, with such an emotional aftermath (which, it occurs to me, I didn’t even cover earlier!) is that whatever follows it has next to no shot of being something the fans care about.  If WWF had a Diva’s division in 1991, you know we’d have seen them at this point.

So What:  Outside of hoping for increased ties between WWE and Japan?  Hmm. . .  #GiveDivasAChance, I guess. . .

Big Boss Man vs. Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental title

Highpoint:  Two talents arguably in some of their peak years.  A decent enough storyline to justify a match.  Being given 10 minutes to tell your story.

So What:  While I am very excited for the ladder match at Mania this year, I do understand why some people may prefer a traditional 1-1 encounter.  They can be quite good.

Lowpoint:  The fact that when people think of Big Boss Man, this is not what comes to mind.  No no, it’s Kennel from Hell and Pepper Steak.  Ray Traylor’s Wrestlemania moment was being hung from a cell.  That stinks.

Earthquake vs. Greg Valentine

Highpoint:  John Tenta could move for a big man.  That’s about it.

Lowpoint:  Everything other than John Tenta moving well for a big man.

So What:  At this point, there doesn’t seem to be any toss-in matches at this year’s Mania.  Except for, you know, the entire tag team title scene.

Legion of Doom vs. Power and Glory

Highpoint:  LOD’s promo and entrance, since the match wasn’t even a minute long.

Lowpoint:  The match wasn’t even a minute long.

So What:  I usually compare The Ascension to Power and Glory, but looking at it again, there’s one difference - Roma and Hercules were at least on this PPV as a tandem.  Have fun in the Andre Battle Royal, Konnor and Viktor!

(Quick plug: In another column I wrote, I suggested that one way to rebound these two would be for them to win the Battle Royal as a team.  A little outside the box, but why not?)

Virgil vs. Ted Dibiase

Highpoint:  It’s Ted Dibiase in a wrestling ring; I’m always going to find something to be happy about.  Today, it’s that the Million Dollar Dream is such a good move.

Lowpoint:  The only African-American at Wrestlemania VII was the former bodyguard / servant who makes good by pretending to be Muhammad Ali.  This card, I remind you, took place in 1991.

So What:   New Day doesn’t look so bad, do they?

The Mountie vs. Tito Santana

Highpoint:  Seeing The Mountie.  He’s Handsome!  He’s Brave!  He’s Strong!

Lowpoint:  Not hearing his theme music.  He’s Handsome! He’s Brave! He’s Strong!

So What:  I really hope none of this year’s matches get shafted, time wise.  Jacques Rougeau and Tito could have had an excellent 8 minute match - Instead, it’s over in less than 2.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF title.

Highpoint:  For me, it was wondering if Slaughter’s lower jaw and chin was ever going to wind up eating the rest of his face.  Seriously, I’m not a big fan of this match.

Lowpoint:  This got 20 minutes and Tito / Mountie only got 81 seconds.

So What:  John Cena should lose to Rusev and then turn his back on America, since the Russian sympathizer is obviously superior.

Ok, since that’s never going to happen, let me say this, and its something I’ve said time and time again - WWE needs to be very careful with their match order at Wrestlemania.  Just because a match is on last doesn’t mean the crowd is going to be into it, and while I’m sure the fans at VII obviously were in Hulk’s corner (I wasn’t paying attention enough to say definitively), I’m sure they’d have rather seen Savage and Warrior in that slot as opposed to Hogan and Slaughter.

Look, I know. . . I KNOW. . . that Reigns and Lesnar are going to get the top billing, but I hope WWE, if only for a few minutes, considers going outside the box with their booking placement.  Sting and HHH have been building for even longer than Brock and Roman.  This is the “once in a lifetime” match that fans can’t get anywhere else.  It deserves consideration for the true ‘main event’ slot.


Match of the Card

Hard to beat Warrior and Savage, especially when you factor the Miss Elizabeth reunion.  That’s as good a Wrestlemania writing as you can find in its history.

Having said that, the only match I go back and watch multiple times from Wrestlemania VII is the blindfold match.  Seriously, it made my ultimate Wrestlemania card, it was that good.  Yes, its a good column, but no, I won't share that link.


What do YOU think?  What are your lasting memories from Wrestlemania VII?  Be Heard.

I've made myself a deal that this month will be "Mania March" - my posting, Tweeting and WWE Network viewing will likely be focused on "The Granddaddy of them All" (despite Starrcade technically being born first), although I also will be continuing my quest to watch every NWA / WCW PPV as well.

Oh, and I want to watch NXT.

And Jason might finally talk me into trying out this Ring of Honor business.

*sigh* I guess I'll keep watching RAW, too.

Damn, how many sick days do I have left?

. . .

Moving rapidly along, today's "What If Wednesday" stemmed from a conversation Jason and I had the other day when discussing yesterday's column on Daniel Bryan.  If you remember (and how could you forget?), Savage won two WWE titles - one at Wrestlemania IV and the other at Mania VIII.  Needless to say, his second wasn't nearly as famous as the first.  In fact, I don't remember all that much about it.

What I do remember is his presence at Mania IX, where he was carried to ringside and being fed fruit, to go along with the Caesar's Palace theme, to do commentary.

Before too long, Savage, like just about every other 80's WWF star, was WCW bound, where his career, and ultimately his life, took a series of strange turns.

Which begs the question. . .

What If Randy Savage never left WWF?

I won't go into the "Did he or didn't he" rumors regarding the reasons for his departure and more importantly, his prolonged absence from the Hall of Fame.  Let's deal with the facts.

Randy Savage had been with the company since Wrestlemania 2, spending the majority of that time in a prominent to main event role.  One could even make the case that he was "Mr. WWF".   Hogan may have had the bigger name value but when you thought of the quintessential "wrestler" in the 80's McMahonLand, you really thought of Savage.

According to numerous reports, Savage did not want to end his career as an active wrestler in the early 90's - That decision was, in many ways, made for him by the WWF powers-that-be, presumably as part of their "youth movement".  This seems to be a major factor for Savage in going to WCW.  Besides. . .You know. . .The money.

So we need to go back a bit in order to truly flesh out this thought experiment.  Let's assume that in our "alternate universe", Randy Savage had continued wrestling well into the 90's.

Well, he won the World title at WM8, as a face.  He lost it to Flair who then lost it to Bret Hart, so let's cut out the middle man and assume that at some point in 1992, Savage turns heel and begins a feud with the Hitman.

Bret Hart vs. Randy Savage.  Already this alternate universe is panning out nicely.

He does the honors for Bret but continues to be active.  Perhaps in losing to Bret, he shakes his hand, earning back some cheers from the crowd.  Now he takes on some of the up-and-coming heels, namely Razor Ramon and the Heartbreak Kid.

Savage / Ramon and Savage / Michaels.  Seriously, this is good stuff.

He probably offers up some challenge to Yokozuna, much as he did in 1993, I believe.  Perhaps he even, just by being active, prevent the entire "Lex Express" thing from happening.  Or perhaps I'm just being really optimistic.

By the time Wrestlemania 11 or 12 rolls around, Savage is probably more agreeable to transitioning to a less active role.  Maybe he's the one who fights Goldust at 12 instead of Piper, maybe he actually takes on Lawrence Taylor instead of Bam Bam?  These are all open options.

By '96 or '97, Savage is "dean emeritus" of WWF, just like Flair was in WCW.  He probably gets in the way of this punk kid Steve Austin somewhere along the line, or he winds up getting beaten down by Mankind or Vader.

Hell, we could even see him pick up the American flag and defend WWF against the pro-Canadian Hart Foundation, giving us Savage vs. Bret one more time.

Whether or not he moves to commentary (would we have had Jerry Lawler if Savage was around?), he has an on-screen position in WWE until he decides he's done.

And he's in the Hall of Fame by 2002.  '04 at the latest.

Tell me that's not a world you would want to live in.

As almost every single pair of eyes who reads this knows, I, The Teacher, have been pretty addicted to Twitter since the birth of the Number Two Contenders.  One thing I’ve been fascinated with is how the social media age allows everyone to share their feeling right as things happen.  This gives us a primal sense of how people are feeling, since from the looks of it, most people don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about their tweets before sending them into the Inter-ether.

Which got me thinking. . . With Summer Slam around the corner, what would the history of this huge WWE event look like if Twitter had existed since its inception. . . Quite the thought experiment. . . I humbly submit some of what I believe we’d have seen in the last 20 years.


MegaPowersRule:  Can’t believe we’re getting a 4th #WWF PPV!  Can’t wait to see MegaPowers SLAM MegaBucks!  #Hulkamania  #OhYeah

MillionDollarBaby:  @MegaPowersRule - No way! Everybody has a price, and Dibiase and Andre can’t be stopped!  #MoneyMoneyMoney

WrestlingIsReal87:  WTF?  Time limit draw?  How boring for a PPV opener!  Bulldogs should have won!

RudeAwakeningz:  Putting somebody else’s wife on your tights is so cool; Rude is the man!

WarriorsWoman: OMG Warrior just won the IC title in 30 seconds!! He’s so amazing!!! I luv him so much!!!!

AxAndSmashYaaa:  Here comes the Ax! There go the Harts! Demolition 4 the win!

OnlySmartFanIn88: Doesn’t everyone know Virgil is Dusty Rhodes’ real name?

WrestlingIsReal87: @OnlySmartFanIn88 - Shut up, fool.  Dusty’s name is Dusty, and he’s amazing.  Stop spreading lies!

MegaPowersRule:  Here we go!  I am a real American!  I said my prayers, let’s do this!!!

PsychicGuyMcGee:  Ventura is calling this match so well, he should be a politician someday.

The Entire Twitterverse:  OMG did you just see Elizabeth’s undies!!!  SO HOTTT CAN’T HANDLE ITTT

MegaPowersRule:  Never doubt the MegaPowers, including the leggy Liz  #OHYEAHDIGIT



WWFNumber1UKFan:  #SummerSlam from #London? Can life get any better?

DCWrestlingFan:  @WWFNumber1UKFan - Shut up, you stupid Brit.

BiggestHartOnForBret:  So sad 2 c Hart family torn like this.  They may never b the same.

OnlySmartFanIn88: Hope Bulldog’s staph infection doesn’t get in the way here.

OhhhhWhatARush:  I guess Money can’t buy a victory!  #LODWins!

The Entire Twitterverse:  Nailz and Virgil made it onto a #WWF PPV?  Seriously?

MrsMartel92:  OMG did you see The Model’s butt?  Sooo hotttt.

MrsMichaels1992:  @MrsMartel92 - Ewww, no way, HBK’s tush was SO much cuter!

(Editors note:  This continued for hours and got very hostile.)

PsychicGuyMcgee: This tag title match may be bad, but at least we’re seeing the titles defended at #SummerSlam.  Looking at you, 2014!

MachoMadness17:  Flair, you dirty bastard, Randy’s going to kick your ass.  Perfect, you too!

SmartMarkLevesque:  Why is Kamala getting a World title shot?  What’s he ever done?  Why is his handler named after Korean cabbage?

WWFNumber1UKFan:  OMG Bulldog won!  Bulldog won!  This is Britain’s greatest moment!

BiggestHartOnForBret:  My guy just showed total class and honor.  #AlwaysMyChampion!

PsychicGuyMcGee:  @BiggestHartOnForBret - Yeah, Bret’s a #WWF guy for life. . .  #Sarcasm



SummerSlamSam: It’s the biggest party of the summer.  Mankind’s tough, but with Paul Bearer at his side, how can #Undertaker fail?

NotYetTheTeacher:  Love the bikini blast beach party, but why are all these guys getting in the way of Sunny and Sable?

OnlyGuyWatchingFreeForAll: OMG did u see Yoko break the ropes?  #Fatty

The Entire Twitterverse:  You know, this #SummerSlam kinda sucks.

ForAllMankind96:  Alright, Boiler Room Brawl time!   This is going to be EPIC!  #CactusJack

MistressDeadman: @ForAllMankind96 - It is, but your boy is going to get beat down!

WhatTheHellsIsECW:  You know, this match is wicked violent.  Where did this come from?

TheFirstHeymanGuy:  This match don’t got nothing on Sandman and Raven, biatches!

The Entire Twitterverse:  WTF just happened?  Paul Bearer turned on ‘Taker?  What?  BOOOOO!!

(Editors note:  Nobody bothered tweeting about Michaels and Vader after the Brawl)



The Entire Twitterverse:  OMG Owen Hart breaking Austin’s neck in the ring is the worst thing that can ever happen at a live wrestling event.

PsychicGuyMcgee: @Everyone -  Don’t say that. . . Just. . . Don’t say that. . .



The Entire Twitterverse:  OMG Cena sucks, good thing he won’t be main eventing forever.

PsychicGuyMcgee: @Everyone -  Don’t say that. . . Just. . . Don’t say that. . .  #CenaWinsLOL
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