Wrestlemania Watch List – The “Best” Matches from each of the show of shows.

Wrestlemania Watch List – The “Best” Matches from each of the show of shows.

For many in the NAIborhood, the last few weeks have been spent binge watching Wrestlemanias of old in preparation for next weekend’s festivities.

However, not everyone might have had the time (or interest, honestly) to do so. Still, some sort of homework must be done, so leave it to “The Teacher” to have you covered.

This is the first of what might be a couple of Wrestlemania Watch Lists, where I offer a series of matches for your entertainment and education.

From the NAI Archive – March 17, 2015 – DC Network Diaries – Wrestlemania VII

Promotional poster for Wrestlemania VII, featuring Hulk Hogan wrestling Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF title.

The year was 1991. America was in the midst of a war in the Persian Gulf. One of our greatest military heroes (WWF’s, at least) had just turned his back on his country and allied with the Iraqi regime. Only a Real American could stand in his way, as DC’s Network Diaries brings you Wrestlemania VII.

Authors Note: I watched this PPV close to 2 weeks ago and in the efforts of full disclosure, I wasn’t paying intense attention. Thus, my column will be more #NAIstalgia than anything else. Apologies to those who were hoping for a real in-depth analysis.

Willie Nelson sang a song of patriotism. Pretty sure that’s the only time I’ve ever seen him not under the influence of cannabis.

From the NAI Archive – March 4, 2015 – What if Wednesday – What if Randy Savage had stayed in WWE?

Randy Savage wearing a Monday Night RAW t-shirt

I’ve made myself a deal that this month will be “Mania March” – my posting, Tweeting and WWE Network viewing will likely be focused on “The Granddaddy of them All” (despite Starrcade technically being born first), although I also will be continuing my quest to watch every NWA / WCW PPV as well.

Oh, and I want to watch NXT.

And Jason might finally talk me into trying out this Ring of Honor business.

*sigh* I guess I’ll keep watching RAW, too.

Damn, how many sick days do I have left?

From the N2C Archive – August 14, 2014 – The Teacher’s Lounge: If all Summer Slams had Twitter

Promotional poster for WWE's 2014 Summer Slam, featuring John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and more!

As almost every single pair of eyes who reads this knows, I, The Teacher, have been pretty addicted to Twitter since the birth of the Number Two Contenders. One thing I’ve been fascinated with is how the social media age allows everyone to share their feeling right as things happen. This gives us a primal sense of how people are feeling, since from the looks of it, most people don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about their tweets before sending them into the Inter-ether.

Which got me thinking. . . With Summer Slam around the corner, what would the history of this huge WWE event look like if Twitter had existed since its inception. . . Quite the thought experiment. . . I humbly submit some of what I believe we’d have seen in the last 20 years.