From the NAI Archive – March 12, 2015 – Throwback Thursday – A truly Horrific Chamber

From the NAI Archive – March 12, 2015 – Throwback Thursday – A truly Horrific Chamber

One of the best. . . and worst. . .things about professional wrestling is the gimmick match, when some sort of stipulation is added to the bout for intrigue or importance. In some cases, it can be a thing of beauty (the Steel Cage, I Quit and Ironman formats come to mind). In others, it can become synonymous with certain talents. If I say “Casket match”, only one man comes to mind; when I see TLC, I think of three teams specifically.

Then we have the bad gimmick matches.

I dare not list examples, for each one both turns the stomach and truly is deserving of its own Throwback Thursday. Let’s just assume you know the kinds of matches of which I speak.

Today’s throwback came along as part of my quest to watch all NWA and WCW PPV’s in chronological order, and while WWE Network seems to be throwing up roadblocks to stop me from doing this (anyone else getting odd glitches galore?), it did not stop me from entering the Chamber of Horror. . . I’ll repeat that.

The Chamber of Horror!

From the NAI Archive – December 17, 2014 – A Tale of Two Foleys – DC Meets the Hardcore Legend

DC Matthews' autographed picture from Mick Foley.

This past Sunday, while many of you live-Tweeted your displeasure with WWE’s latest PPV, I had the opportunity to spend my evening seeing the final Mick Foley live show of 2014. Together with GQ, a good friend from high school, and one Doc Manson, we joined the dozens. . . . (and dozens!) of fans who braved the holiday traffic to see the Hardcore Legend at a comedy club in a mall.

I really could call the evening “A Tale of Two Foleys”, and no, Noelle wasn’t there. Sunday night was about the myth and the man, and about satisfaction and disappointment.