I spent a good while trying to decide what to post for Throwback Thursday.  After a while, I just started looking at what's going on in the world of wrestling.

On RAW, Ryback, Rowan and one Dolph Ziggler got fired.

On Lucha Underground, since I've just started watching, a major player has been Chavo Guerrero.

Wait a second. . . Ziggler. . .Guerrero. . .

I've got it!


In mid-2005, Chavo Guerrero seemed discouraged by his plight as a professional wrestler of Mexican heritage.  He couldn't seem to catch a break.

A trip to Abercrombie and a bad dye job later, and Chavo was gone.  In his place stood . . .

Kerwin White

Looking like a failed audition for the Mean Street Posse (Mental Note: Get some Joey Abs onto a future Throwback Thursday), Kerwin White was the quintessential preppy upper middle class white American. . . Except for being Chavo Guerrero.

Mr. White spent his brief time on WWE TV railing against the problems with race in America, and more specifically, professional wrestling.  But instead of taking a stand for "minorities" such as himself, Kerwin instead railed AGAINST said minorities.

His tag line, though it didn't last nearly as long as he did (which is saying something), was "If It's White. . .It's Right."

. . . Is it just me, or does this have Michael Hayes written all over it?

Kerwin's only feud of note was against Shelton Benjamin, who I'm not sure realizes it, but he's an African American.

Note: If you have yet to see the clip of Trish Stratus, Shelton and one Vince McMahon, take 2 minutes and 16 seconds of your life and watch this. . . You'll be glad you did.


Shockingly enough, the Kerwin White gimmick wasn't enough of its own, so WWE decided to give Kerwin some muscle.

Enter his "caddy", Nick Nemeth.  If that name doesn't ring a bell, his picture sure will. . .


Yes, folks, this is a pre-Spirit Squad, VERY pre-HEEL Dolph Ziggler, fresh from the developmental territory of OVW.


Tragically, Kerwin's WWE tenure ended only after a few months.

It's not the gimmick that's the tragedy, it's that it ended due to the death of Chavo's uncle Eddie.  With the passing of Latino Heat, Kerwin White was history, his caddy was sent back to OVW (to practice his cheerleading, one assumes), and Chavo reclaimed his family name in honor of his fallen family.


Is there anything to learn from the few months of Kerwin-mania that barely made a dent in WWE?  Obviously not to them, as I doubt we'll ever hear the name or the gimmick mentioned by WWE ever again.

As a fan, though, it does speak to how WWE seems to handle issues of race.  If they don't capitalize on it like they did with the Nation, they poke fun at it.

Honestly, couldn't you see Kerwin White feuding with New Day right now?   Or R-Truth?

Sad, isn't it?

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