I used to wonder why we rarely saw columns from the NAIpod gents on newageinsiders.com.  Then I started a podcast and figured it out - When you’re doing 1-2 hours of aural content a week, it leaves very little to be discussed in a written form.  Doc Manson and I just finished Episode 10 of the NAIborhood Podcast, which will be available this Sunday, and we covered a multitude of topics.

Though we didn’t get into this week’s NXT or ROH in too much detail.

Get ready, gang. It’s time for the Chief’s Briefs.  I won’t cover everything, though you can pretty safely assume if I don’t mention it here, you’ll hear about it on the podcast.


This new Tye Dillinger gimmick is a Perfect Ten.

Well, maybe it’s more of an 8 or a 9, but still . . . Really solid.  I’ve never been on the Dillinger bandwagon, but being on his own (away from his former and more talented partner Jason Jordan) has done wonders for Tye.  I like the shirt, the sign, the hand gesture, it all works for me.  At the very least, he’s become a natural tag partner for Tyler Breeze, and since NXT is all about tandems these days, that could be a lot of fun.

Solomon Crowe is the new CJ Parker.

If I had to offer a #PreDCtion as to who would be battling Apollo Uhaa Crews Nation at Takeover (conveniently also Uhaa’s birthday), it would be Crowe.  He seems to be the guy all the other guys beat.  I mean, he lost to Tye Dillinger, for goodness sake.  I haven’t seen much of anything that has impressed me with Crowe, though last night’s match was probably my favorite of his so far.  Not saying much, true, but it was decent enough.

Baron Corbin is Tall and Terrible.

We do cover Corbin a bit on the podcast, but I just wanted to say it again.  He’s just awful.

The Phantom of Full Sail

Remember when Tyler Breeze wrestled Marcus Louis, the “ultimate uggo”?  Then we had some random NXT episode where Marcus was watching Breeze from off in the bowels of the building?  I bet you don’t, but I do, and it was amazing.  I had really hoped this would be a new start for Marcus, and while the weird look and creepy entrance has remained, he’s now just an enhancement guy.

I still think he can be saved, though.  I’m hopeful NXT does something with him.

BullFit, part 3

I don’t know what I’m expecting from Dempsey at Takeover.  He better have a match, that’s all I know, or at least some sort of in-person segment.  I’m totally bought in now, not that I wasn’t before, I suppose.  But I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Ring Of Honor


I become a full “Ringside” member of ROH, which allows me to see a lot of old footage, which I’m excited for, though the list of things to watch now is almost too big to adequately manage.

I also thought that my new membership status allowed me access to ROH TV earlier than others.  Is that not the case?  I had to wait until literally 15 minutes ago to be able to finish this week’s episode.

While I’m on the subject, I can’t stand how I’m still seeing previews for Death Before Dishonor. I get that it’s an iPPV, so you can order it whenever, but COME ON!  When the results have been talked about on your own TV show, stop making it seem like it’s new and exciting, because it is neither.

ACH Scorpio

Not exactly sure what the future holds for this talented guy - Hopefully a TV title run isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but he really moves around the ring better than just about anybody else right now.  I’ve said it before, but I hope his entrance (the rope flip into a pose) is available in WWE2K16.  I could design an entire wrestler around that single thing alone.

(In fact, I have a guy I’ve created many times before that would be perfect for it - An aerial martial artist named The Burning.  Before you mock me mercilessly, I’d like to point out that I first created this character back in high school, before I really knew about the world, ya know?


Todd “Warbeard” Hanson is probably in my top 5 ROH talents right now. . .Maybe even Top 3.  I am sure that I will get on board the Dijak Hype Train one of these days, but right now, Hanson is the best big man in that promotion. . . If not in wrestling entirely.

He might not be yet at the level for a serious World Title push, but like ACH, the TV belt should be easily within reach for Hanson.

Adam Page, BJ Whitmer, Kid Corino, and the like

Meh. . . That is all. . .

The Crumbling Kingdom

There’s only so many times Adam Cole can defy the Kingdom without Maria’s minions exacting vengeance.  The big question for me is - “Who is the newest member, the one who can go for the World Title?”

Could be Roderick Strong, I suppose.  He’s already contending and would fit in with that group dynamic.  Could be someone from Japan, perhaps, though here’s my ideal choice.

Kyle O’Reilly

He’s certainly World Title worthy and it would be a perfect case of best friend betrayal for O’Reilly to abandon his former Future Shock teammate and side with “the enemy”.  That’s what I’m hoping for.


Neither show was must-watch by any means, but there were some quality matches, some new characters, and some potential for storyline advancement.  In other words, a good week’s work for both NXT and ROH.

What did YOU think?  Be Heard.

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