In the midst of crafting my "Mark Out Monday" column (up later today if I ever finish it), I started thinking about Extreme Rules, and what we might see.  This soon became all I could think of, so here now is a prospective (and very quickly thought out) ER card, based on the potential fallout from Wrestlemania.

 Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose in a Street Fight

Provided Ambrose is healthy enough, Dean should be looking for vengeance following what I have dubbed "The Brutal Bomb" on the ladder last night.  These two could have a very enjoyable feud, and a Street Fight gives them permission to go anywhere.

Damien Sandow vs. The Miz

Of course this has to happen.

Cesaro and Kidd vs. New Day vs. Los Matadores vs. Usos

The card following Wrestlemania often has a rematch or two, and in this instance, hopefully Jey Uso is healthy enough to compete.  This match was such fun last night, why not do it again?  This time, make it anelimination match, just for an added wrinkle.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

These two have looked to be on the verge of a feud for a while now, and come to think of it, how can you describe Ziggler's hairstyle as anything but "heelish"?

These two need a Best of 7 series or something, and this would be a good way to kick it off.

Rusev vs. Cena in a Submission or I Quit Match

Rusev better be looking for vengeance following his first "official" loss, and with Lana serving as a barefoot scapegoat, he can argue he'd have won without the distraction.

If this happens, Rusev better win though, that's all I'm saying.

Diva Fatal Four Way

I'm not sure when AJ's contract runs out, but she has a submission victory over the champ, so that usually means a title shot.  AJ vs. Paige vs. Nikki Bella vs. Naomi?  Or Natalya?  Bring up Charlotte?  Who cares, Divas are cool again!

Or so says my friend D-Jay.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

I have no reason why these two should fight - Reigns could see himself in the main event scene at ER and who knows what happens with Wyatt, even if he did look like Taker's equal last night.

These two would have a fun feud and it would continue to make them both more legitimate main eventers.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton in a steel cage

Orton now can say he's pinned the World Heavyweight Champion, so he is owed a title shot.  These two proved you don't need a stipulation to have a career-highlighting match, but putting them in a cage would be fun.


As I'm sitting here, a thought overtakes me - When will we see an Elimination Chamber again?  Could Extreme Rules be it?

Option 2 - Elimination Chamber Main Event - Rollins, Orton, Reigns, Bray, Big Show and Cena

Why Big Show?  He won the ATG Battle Royal, plus Authority would put him in as insurance for Rollins (face turn #589 guaranteed).

Why Bray?  Because he's ready, that's why.

Why Cena?  Because he's Cena, that's why.

This begs the question, what happens to Rusev?  Thought of that.

Rusev vs. Adrian Neville

Neville is going to be in WWE by the time Extreme Rules around (right?) so why not fight Rusev?


Your thoughts?  Where does WWE go from here?  Be Heard.
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