From the N2C Archive – August 9, 2014 – The Teacher’s Lounge: Best Women’s Division Ever?

On an August 2014 episode of NXT on WWE Network, Charlotte takes on Becky Lynch.

I just watched an old-school type match. The two competitors traded offense in the beginning, then the obviously more polished one began to dominate. They isolated a body part and worked it over, shades of Arn Anderson or the British Bulldog. The younger talent made a valiant but fleeting attempt at a comeback, but it was firmly swatted down, ending with a quick finishing maneuver. This was the type of match you saw all the time on TV in the 90’s, and it was excellent to see it today.

Who were the competitors in this excellent event? NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte and Becky “Thank God they don’t make me Irish step dance anymore” Lynch.