From the NAI Archive - November 5, 2015 - A Tale of Two Talents - How Seth Rollins' worst of times should bring out Bray Wyatt's best.

For today's Thursday column, I thought I'd opine about the lost career of Tekno Team 2000, and what could have been. . .

No, of course not.  The only thing that can be discussed right now is the injury to WWEWHC Seth Rollins, and what it means for the roster, the company, and the future.

I imagine that a whole lot of NAI Fan Friday will be devoted to this topic, so rather than belabor every facet, examine every angle. . . Let me do what I enjoy doing, and do some Fantasy Booking.

There's only one man who should be winning this title, and his name is Bray Wyatt.

In truth, to me, there are only 3 possible winners in all - Wyatt, John Cena and Roman Reigns - and neither of the latter two are smart choices.  John Cena, while a viable emergency option (Sorry, Sheamus, but it ain't you), sends the distinct message that this "youth movement" we've seen signs of for the last couple of weeks was an aberration.  There are a lot of positives to come out of the fall of 2015 for World Wrestling Entertainment and this injury shouldn't signal a step back.

As for Roman Reigns, much like I've said in columns and on DDT Wrestling, it's still too soon.  A lot of fans are JUST getting to the point where they can imagine Reigns as a viable main eventer and World Champion.  Giving him that status, and the pressure that comes with it, at this point is still way too big of a risk.  You want fans salivating for Roman's eventual title win, and that's not happening yet.

Which brings us back to Bray.  The logical choice.

Fact 1 -  Bray Wyatt, in the last three weeks, has abducted both Undertaker and Kane.

Two of the most powerful men, whether it be in terms of stature, #WrestleMagic or sheer WWE careers, have all been kidnapped by the Wyatts.  This puts Bray into a very strong position - mysticism wise and standing wise in the company.  In fact, taking Rollins and Reigns out of the equation, is anyone bigger than Wyatt right now?  I don't think so.

Fact 2 -  Seth Rollins was injured, no matter how it happened, battling Kane overseas.

WWE is usually averse to mentioning house show participants, but their hand has been forced here.  They will need to address how Seth's injury happened and how they plan on proceeding.  People are going to know that Kane was Rollins' opponent.

So how does WWE go from here?  Kane magically escaped to Dublin, but was recaptured?  Seems silly.  Do they try to hide it under the rug and just be vague about specifics?  Won't work, not in today's world.

The best plan is to run with it.  Kane was wrestling as a member of the Wyatt Family, and now Seth is injured.  Bray's #WrestleMagic has taken on new forms, as he is now able to "hurt" others just by thinking it.

I'm imagining Bray opening RAW in his rocking chair, chuckling about Rollins' unfortunate demise. Nothing personal, of course, just a means to an end.

What end?

Fact 3 - The World Heavyweight Title will be decided in some sort of tournament at Survivor Series.

I haven't seen any specifics yet in terms of the format for crowning a new champion, but the odds are ever in Bray Wyatt's favor.  His Family was already at 4 members strong. . . And if Kane, and even better, The Undertaker are the newest of Wyatt's thrall, those odds are now insurmountable.

Just imagine it - An 8 (or dare I dream, 16) man tournament, with at least one other Wyatt Family member not named Bray as official participants.  The other members of the Family, Taker and Kane included, spend the night of November 22nd doing everything they can to guarantee Bray walks out of the building with the title.  Taking out wrestlers in the back, attacking competitors after they've won their opening round contests, knowing they'll be facing Bray in the next matchup.  Not to mention, of course, the #WrestleMagic.

Bray coasts to the finals, while Roman Reigns has to fight, scratch and claw his way through his bracket.  The main event, championship match is yet another battle between Reigns and Wyatt - Sooner than we all hoped, but certainly not the worst thing in the world.

Before the match, we see Roman Reigns confronted by The Authority.  They might not like each other, but they do have a common enemy in this instance, as Bray Wyatt wielding that much power AND the World Title is not, in their minds, "best for business."  So an uneasy alliance is formed, with Triple H and Stephanie decreeing that all other Wyatt's not named Bray are banned from ringside.

The match, as expected, is a war from start to finish.  Perhaps there's even a stipulation added last minute, since Bray and Roman did so well with weapons in the Cell match.

And in the end. . . . Bray wins clean.  Maybe it's the dark, demonic powers surging through his veins, maybe it was just his time, but Bray would need to pin Roman's shoulders on his own to truly arrive in this moment, which is what this moment really would be.

Survivor Series 2015 - Wyatt's Wakening. Or the Birth of Bray.  You pick.

Survivor Series ends with the entire Wyatt Family in the ring, Bray kneeling with his title, his original 'Horsemen' behind him as always, and Taker and Kane kneeling to honor their new master.

So, What happens from there?  Oh, only the following.

Bray cements himself as the next big bad beast, and the winter of 2015 is spent under the control of the Wyatt Family.

Roman Reigns, once more, has had glory within his grasp and it slipped through his fingers, continuing to whet fans appetites for the moment when he finally achieves his first title win.

Perhaps, between the #WrestleMagic and now Championship power, Bray Wyatt begins to struggle to contain all of this energy surging within him.  His power over Undertaker and Kane begins to slip as 2016 begins, and as Wrestlemania 32 nears, the Brothers of Destruction start finding themselves.

Let's not forget Seth Rollins, who no matter what is coming back from this injury as the biggest babyface the company has ever seen.  If that can happen with Bray Wyatt as his first opponent?  Shut Up and Take ALL My Money.

I can keep going.  Brock Lesnar returns to collect the title he never really lost, now held by Bray Wyatt, who just so happens to have Brock's biggest opponent as a lackey.

Plus, we just saw the first alliance between Triple H and Roman Reigns.  Do we doubt it'll be the last?  Hardly.  #HeelSeedsPlanted.


Seth Rollins' injury is a major blow to this company, but it could very well be the opportunity Bray Wyatt and WWE need to solve their commitment problem.

Are you ready to live in a world where the New Face of Fear is your World Heavyweight Champion?   Be Heard.
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