From the NAI Archive - November 22, 2015 - Watch List - Recommended matches for one William Regal

Today, while “flipping” through WWE Network in anticipation of Survivor Series, I decided to watch the Table for 3 featuring Sheamus, Barrett and William Regal, and while watching, Regal said something that really hit home.

“Wrestling and Comedy are the two things I have always wanted to do.”

In that moment, a thought that had passed through my head on a number of occasions firmly solidified itself.

William Regal is my favorite wrestler of all time.

Nobody blended pure technical wizardry and borderline slapstick comedy like Regal.  Angle came close, he truly did, but even he couldn’t handle the combination quite like Lord Steven / King William.

While sharing this thought with the NAIborhood, friend Robbie Radford (@RobbieRadford) mentioned how little of Regal’s career he had seen.  Once I had told him to get off my lawn, I offered to put together a little “watch list”, for Robbie, and for others, who aren’t familiar with the greatness of Regal.

Disclaimer -  Since I am still in the midst of my WCW watching quest, this is only a list of the matches I have seen.  I could guess what matches would be amazing by looking at Regal’s match history, but that doesn’t seem fair.  I will update the list as I find more amazing matches, and that, I expect, will happen frequently.

William Regal Watch List

Clash of the Champions - August 1993 - Arn Anderson and Paul Roma vs. Lord Steven Regal and Steve Austin

This is just to see three of the all-time greats, and Paul Roma, in the ring at one time.  Regal is substituting for the injured Brian Pillman, one half of the Hollywood Blonds, at the time the WCW Tag Champions.

Fall Brawl - September 1993 - Lord Steven Regal vs. Ricky Steamboat for the TV title

Regal’s biggest US win to date, winning the first of his 4 TV titles.

Halloween Havoc - October 1993 - Lord Steven Regal vs. British Bulldog

I’ve written about this match before, but it’s truly incredible.  Davey Boy Smith doesn’t get remembered as much for his technical skills, but this is truly one of his better efforts.

Battlebowl - November 1993 - Paul Orndorff and Shockmaster vs. Regal and Steamboat

Nobody will claim this to be a great match - it wasn’t - but this is Regal at his comedic heel best.  He and Steamboat have been feuding for months, yet are “randomly” forced to team.  Awesomeness ensues.

Clash of the Champions - January 1994 - Lord Steven Regal vs. Dustin Rhodes

Two future Hall of Famers doing battle here, and considering both are still involved with wrestling in 2015, this is fun just for the nostalgia.  It helps that it’s also a great match.

Monday Nitro - January 1, 1996 - Lord Steven Regal vs. Chris Benoit

Just watched this a few weeks ago and it did not disappoint.

Monday Nitro - January 8, 1996 - Lord Steven Regal vs. Eddie Guerrero



That’s where my WCW quest has left off, for now, but it’s a good start.  Also, here’s a handful of WWF / WWE things I’ve seen that I highly recommend.

Las Vegas Showgirls Match - RAW - October 2002 - William Regal vs. Goldust

On Table for 3, Regal confesses that this is his favorite moment of his entire career, which on the surface sounds absurd.  Knowing his thoughts on wrestling and comedy, however, it all makes sense.  Regal owns every second of his time dressed as a woman, and since he's against Goldust / Dustin Rhodes once again, it's guaranteed to be excellent.

William Regal’s training montage with Eugene.

This is from May of 2004, which is sadly not available on WWE Network yet, but if you can track it down, do so.  Some amazing work.

William Regal’s promo directed towards Triple H - August 2004

I just saw this today while trying to find the aforementioned training video.  Regal at his all-time passionate best.  No comedy here, just proof that when times got serious, Regal could still hang with the best.

William Regal vs. Daniel Bryan - Superstars - 2011

The specific date escapes me, but this is sometimes seen as “Regal’s Last Match”, though whether or not that is true is unknown to me.  Anyway, it’s Regal, it’s Bryan and they play Regal’s old “He’s a Man” theme music at the beginning.  Totally worth watching.


What have I missed?  What are your favorite Regal moments?  Be Heard.
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