From the NAI Archive - May 28, 2015 - The NXT Day - Kevin Owens is the #2 Heel in WWE.

I love when the NAIpod boys and I are thinking the same things at around the same time.  Early in last night’s episode (before the absolutely amazing interview with “Seasoned veteran referee” Jimmy Korderas), the guys mused briefly on whether or not Kevin Owens is THE top heel in WWE right now, and where he will rank as an all-time heel when his career is over.

Now I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time debating Owens’ Hall of Fame credentials, as A. its too early to say for sure and B. its not Friday, and we only discuss Hall of Fame candidacies on Friday, dang it!

What we will be discussing today on ‘The NXT Day’ is a simple statement, one that I defy you to argue with.

Kevin Owens is the #2 heel in WWE right now, and it isn’t even close.

He may have only been on mainstream fans (ie, non-NXT viewers) radar for 2 weeks now, but in that fortnight, KO has taken the world by storm, and oddest enough, he’s getting a fair amount of heat!  6-8 months ago, if somebody. . . ANYBODY. . . had come out and attacked John Cena 2 weeks in a row, they’d be praised by WWE fans like the second coming of Dwayne Johnson.  Now, however, thanks to the power of the John Cena Open Challenge (and perhaps more importantly, JC’s willingness to be, adjacently so, in the mid-card), Owens is getting a fair amount of boos for what he’s doing.

If you’re watching NXT, his work is even more masterful.  Few wrestlers captivate me on the microphone quite like Kevin Owens.  Just when the crowd was starting to pile on the Cena hate, Owens calmly and expertly turns them back around by trashing Zayn.  He’s a genius.

Which brings me to my original statement.  Kevin Owens, in as brief a time as I think we’ve ever seen, has eclipsed all heels but one in WWE.  The only guy who surpasses him right now is Seth Rollins, and quite frankly, in 4-6 weeks even The Architect might not be able to keep up.

Who else are you going to pick?  The closest guy I could think of was Rusev, and besides his potential injury, his stock has plummeted since finishing his feud with Cena. . .

Just like Wyatt’s did. . .God, did Cena bury Rusev like he did Bray?  Is that what’s next for Owens, too?  Cripes, I’m starting to feel nauseous.  Abort this train of thought. . .ABORT!

Whew, that was close.  Where was I?  Ah yes, Rusev doesn’t hold a candle to Owens right now.  Who else ya got?  Bray?  Barrett?  Sheamus?  You could maybe pick Steph and Triple H, but they’re pretty much lumped together with Rollins now, so that shouldn’t count.

Bo Dallas?  Oh, how it wish it was so, and perhaps after beating Neville on Sunday, he’ll take a step forward, but still, not anywhere near Owens’ league.

(Did you see how I slipped in Dallas’ victory?  He has to win.  He. Has. To.)

Face it, folks.  WWE, just like NXT, is now Kevin Owens’ world.  We’re all just happy witnesses to the magic.  Enjoy it.  Savor it.  And hope to God that KO isn’t the next victim of the Cena Curse.


What do YOU think?  How high is Owens right now, and where is his ceiling?  Be Heard
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