From the NAI Archive - May 1, 2015 - Making the case for The Brothers Wyatt - With a Finisher Friday thrown in for good measure.

Monday night’s RAW was an historic one. . . Or at least, I believe it was.  For the first time in a WWE (not NXT) ring, we saw Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt, otherwise known as the Rotunda brothers, together.

Well, not technically together.  Bo had just had a shocking of his shell by Ryback, and following said shock, the lights went out, and thus appeared Bray Wyatt, rather handily taking out Mr. “I’m so Hungry!”

Note: This is how this feud should go, by the way.  Bray should defeat Ryback with almost shocking ease.  If it goes any differently, I may have to write an entirely separate column in which I drown my tears in a few thousand words about how much I adore WWE’s most cultish jobber.

While they may not have officially been in the ring together, I (along with countless others on the Twitter) felt a level of excitement that is sometimes hard to come by in sports entertainment these days.  There has been a growing enthusiasm for WWE to band these brothers together in some form or fashion, and as someone fully and completely on board with this notion, I thought we’d take a few minutes to fully flesh out why this idea is both logical and (potentially) wildly entertaining.

Number 1 - They are actually brothers.

There’s something about sibling / family teams / alliances that seem to resonate with wrestling fans.  Maybe it harkens them back to their younger days where they may have dreamed of pro-stardom with their own siblings.  (As an only child, I don’t associate with that particular rationale.)  Mainly, though, being involved with your family as a wrestler allows you to access the history, honesty and passion that comes with said family, and as I’ve said many times before, those things translate on camera.

The Von Erichs.  The Hart Family.  The McMahons and all their craziness.  The Steiners, the Hardy’s, the Uso’s, hell, even the Bella’s qualify, to some extent.  People love seeing families come together (and fall apart) for their entertainment.  The Wyatt’s (which is what I’ll be calling them for the remainder of this column - You’ll see why later) are just another example.

Number 2 - It’s not like they’re doing anything great on their own, anyway.

While the NAIpod boys are right on the money when they say that every promotion needs a mid-card, there’s only so many guys you can have there before it becomes too crowded to be effective.  With a tag team division that seems poised for a breakout in the coming months, why not put the brothers together and see what they’d do?  Sheer logic indicates they’d have some success.  New Day vs. Wyatts?  The promos write themselves!

Number 3 - They are more alike than you think.

Bray Wyatt came to the WWE, it seems, with one goal - to save. On the surface, it was to save us from false idols - the John Cena’s, the Chris Jericho’s, etc.  However, really, it seemed more like Bray was trying to save the idols themselves from falling.  Trying to inspire true rage in Cena, trying to fully let out the crazy in Dean Ambrose.  Both of these stars could aspire to further greatness, Wyatt seemed to feel, if only they. . .

Yes, friends.  Say it with me.

Is that not what baby brother Bo is doing, too?  Is he not trying to inspire others to achieve their full potential?  Doesn’t he feel as if he could lead his opponents to bigger and better things, if only they would embrace his, dare I say, eccentric teachings?

As a teacher, you quickly learn that there is more than one way to get someone to learn something.  Everyone goes about it a different way - some of us are outgoing and kinetic educators while others are quieter and more static.  Yet, at the end of the day, we’re all working from the same curriculum.

The Book of Wyatt, it seems, has a common goal - To collect, to indoctrinate and to transcend.  While Bray tries to achieve this through fear, through intimidation, through a mixture of brutality and mystique, Bo is attempting the “unbridled enthusiasm” approach.  He’s going to just keep smiling and cheering and running laps around the ring until somebody. . .somebody, somewhere. . . seems to get the message.

What we’re seeing here is two ends of the same coin, so I suppose the question is not “Why should they be teaming together?” - it’s ”Why SHOULDN’T they be?”

We’re already seeing signs that Bo might be heading down a darker path.  The scraggly facial hair… The somewhat darker messages… The lack of extreme Tebowing (or maybe that’s just my hope creeping in)... We only need a little more to take him over the top, with the biggest piece being his finishers.

Finisher Friday - Bo Dallas edition

As Jason Moltov is so fond of saying, a good finisher is one where you can see a superstar using it to win a World title.  The Bo-Dog, to me, is just about the furthest thing from that without being an overtly comic finisher, like the Worm or the Cobra. While it may have worked for Trish Stratus, its not working for Bo.

Finisher 1: Slingshot suplex

One of my all-time favorite moves, the slingshot suplex is fairly straightforward.  Lift a guy for a vertical suplex, bounce them off the top rope (thereby, supposedly, providing a little extra momentum), and then let said momentum take them down.

I know, it’s not a Last Ride elevated powerbomb or anything, but really, its not supposed to be.  Bo is not the biggest nor the most technically sound wrestler, so his secondary finisher shouldn’t be something overly spectacular.  This would work, especially since his primary finisher is quite possibly the best thing in the world.

Finisher 2: Anaconda Vice

While associated with wrestling’s most vocal angry ex-girlfriend, the Vice is not as synonymous with CM Punk as the GTS is. Still, its time the move was taken back, and Bo Dallas is the perfect person for it.

Submission finishers require a few things to be truly effective.  First, they need to actually hurt, and since I spent much of my childhood locking people in Boston Crabs, Texas Cloverleafs and Fujiwara armbars, I have a whole list of “friends” who will vouch for most of them.  Second, they need to be visually appealing, with added bonuses if you can see the faces of both wrestlers, particularly in the same camera shot. This is why, Heaven help me, the Camel Clutch will ALWAYS be used by somebody as a finisher - You can see Rusev’s face as well as his opponent’s without having to switch cameras.

While the Anaconda Vice does somewhat obstruct the face of the victim, since his arm is trapped in a particularly painful looking position, it does allow the two wrestlers to face each other, which is crucial in this instance.  Why, you ask?  Isn’t it obvious?

Bo has to cheer for them.

Mr. Dallas is going to lock in his submission finisher. . . And then encourage his opponent NOT to tap out.  “Come on!  You can do it!  Bo-Lieve!  BO-LIEVE!”

Then, when his opponent does submit, Bo can sadly shake his head. . Maybe even give the guy a good natured pat on the head. . . As if next time, he hopes to see a bit more effort.

I won’t take entire credit for this idea - In the social media explosion world, who can say where these thoughts originate from?  What I will say is that this is one of the more unique ideas I have ever heard, and using the Anaconda Vice for it (as opposed to a Crossface or some other finisher) would be just about perfect.

It is my sincere hope that on a not-so-distant future episode of RAW or Smackdown, we see Bo Dallas come to the ring, mic in hand.  He begins to talk about honesty, and how he’s always tried to be truthful with the fans, which is why sometimes he has to say things that are hurtful.  In that spirit, he needs to confess something to us - Dallas is his MIDDLE name.  His full name is Bo. . .Dallas. . .Wyatt. . .Enter his brother, lantern and all.  They embrace in the center of the ring, and WWE has some entertaining programming ahead of it.

Are they a tag team?  Do they form a stable?  Are they just allies, each fighting their own battles but having each others backs?  I could care less.  All I want to see are the Brothers Wyatt in the same ring, at the same time, fighting for the same cause.


What do YOU think?  Are you on board with Bray and Bo?  What would you like to see from them?  Be Heard.
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