From the NAI Archive - March 31, 2015 - Booking Bray - Where does Wyatt go from here?

While there hasn’t been a whole lot of negativity regarding Wrestlemania (or, at least, not a whole lot that I’ve paid attention to anyway), one thing that does continually resound is the past. . . and more importantly, the FUTURE. . . of one Bray Wyatt.

The common refrain is that Bray talks a big game, but can never seem to win when it counts.  As I write this, in fact, I’m conversing with NAI Hall of Famer Keith (@PitdogK13) about how oddly he has been booked over his WWE run.  It’s been a strange road for “The New Face of Fear”.

So what’s next?

Last night, Bray was understandably absent (suffering an ankle injury on Sunday, Bray toughed it out for the Taker match but was given the night off to heal for RAW), but what do you do with him when he comes back?

As always, I have some suggestions.

Be Proud

This should happen no matter what - Bray needs to be holding his head high following Sunday’s performance, and not just because he worked through injury like a champ.

Bray Wyatt not only brought The Undertaker - Not that mortal guy we saw at WM30, but THE UNDERTAKER back from whatever funeral parlor or chopper shop he was hiding in.  That alone was a huge victory.

Did I mention I’m speaking kayfabe here?

Not only did Bray work his magic to resurrect The Phenom but for the majority of that match, the two fought as equals.  At least, that’s how it seemed to me.  There was very little distinction between those two monsters, in my mind, and that’s amazing.  Even in the twilight of his career, anyone who goes toe-to-toe with The Undertaker deserves respect and a wide berth.

So Bray has no reason to feel badly about his performance.  I know he has a history now of losing his feuds, but in this way specifically, he needs to be proud.

OK, let’s hypothesize some paths leading out of Mania.

Bray the Squasher

Bray does need some positive momentum following Wrestlemania, so a couple of weeks of running over people isn’t a bad way to go.  Zack Ryder, Adam Rose, New Day, the Matadors, all of them could be interrupted and beaten to a pulp.  We don’t even need formal matches, just coming down, causing havoc, and leaving.

Bray the Savior

Bray has tried to save WWE from a good many people in his career, and as he has done so, he’s also become much more popular than any true heel should be.  Why not embrace the crowd support and start stalking The Authority, a group that Wyatt could actually save us from?

Working his way up the ranks (Kane and Big Show to start) gives him a chance to continue his build as a “monster” while also teasing a Bray / Seth match (which I think we can all agree would be tremendous).  It also would give him a chance to embrace the cheers - or do whatever a crazy guy like Bray Wyatt does with cheers.

Bray the Cult Leader

The strongest option (actually, I like the Authority option too much now to say that for sure) is for Bray to restart his “Family”, with (almost) all new members and a darker purpose.  Our friend Keith suggested modeling the “new” Wyatt after Kevin Sullivan’s “Satanist” character, and while I’m not sure WWE is willing to go that far, I think a Ministry of Darkness angle is certainly possible.

There’s a lot of possibilities for members, and my group is a mixture of natural fits and some “outside the box” options.  Remember, the original Ministry wasn’t just the dark guys - Bradshaw and Faarooq had their own gimmicks before becoming “twisted” by the Undertaker’s sway - Ditto Mabel (Viscera) and Phineas (Mideon).

The Ascension

To me, this is a no brainer - Konnor and Viktor are in need of saving more than probably any talents I’ve seen in quite some time.  They’re going nowhere; in fact, going nowhere would be an improvement for them.  They already have the dark look down (though I would lose the face paint), but these are the easiest choice for Bray’s first “Acolytes”.

Erick Rowan

I’m not sure what happens with Rowan from here, but I doubt it’s anywhere exciting.  Being reunited with Bray as his “protector” (as if monsters need protection) is as good a booking decision as any for him.

Adam Rose

Another character going nowhere, and while he could lead his own stable if WWE planned things right (he does have Rosebuds, doesn’t he?  They have to follow him for a reason), I think falling in line with Bray gives us the perfect time for “Dark Rose”.

Bo Dallas

It’s not just because they’re brothers, though acknowledging that on TV would help things along.  More importantly, its this:

There’s really not a big difference between extreme positivity (Bo-lieving) and a cult like atmosphere.

I wouldn’t even make a whole lot of changes to the Bo Dallas character if he joined the Wyatt Family (though Bo Wyatt has a nice ring to it).  In my way of seeing things, Bo is the herald of Bray Wyatt - he comes out first to announce the intentions or the direction of the Family.

Remember, the leader of a cultish group only speaks when it is necessary - otherwise his minions speak for him.


I think this group needs a female presence and while Paige is the obvious, OBVIOUS choice, its just that reason why I think they should avoid it.

Emma, like most of these people, is doing NOTHING and would benefit from a purpose, a direction, someone to fawn after.

And to stop dancing.

Doesn’t need to dye her hair or anything, either.  Slight costume change, definite attitude change, and this could become something fun.

Just as long as she stops dancing.

The Two Man Crazy Train

The only person with perhaps more to prove following Wrestlemania is Dean Ambrose.

You know Dean Ambrose - the forgotten member of the Shield?  The guy who seemed to care most about the IC title, but didn’t come close to winning it?  The guy who kept getting beaten by one Bray Wyatt?

Bray seems to be growing more and more frustrated after losing to Cena at RAW, which means I smell a heel turn coming.  If he’s going to turn heel, why not align with his former adversary in the most entertaining, charismatic and totally nutso tandem since Steve Austin and Kurt Angle?

Just imagine the promos those two would have - the matches - battling each other almost as much as they’re beating down the opponents?

As we are all so fond of saying, shut up and take my money.


What do YOU think?  Where would you like to see Bray Wyatt go from here?  Should he have a new stable?  Be Heard.
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