From the NAI Archive - March 29, 2015 - Sunday Stats - Times and Decisions of Wrestlemania

Rather than craft a long-winded exposition, I'm just going to provide you with a list of stats (in absolutely no particular order) regarding the last 10 years of Wrestlemania (Well, technically 11 - From WM20 to 30).

1.  Jamie Noble should be in consideration for "The Beast, Jr", as he has had some dominant performances at Mania.  At Wrestlemania 20, he won 3 matches.  3!  He also beat two of his opponents in a combined total of 1 minute, 5 seconds.

Ok, I jest a little bit, but he's very good.  Even more so when he steals the briefcase from Rollins and cashes in on Lesnar tonight.

2.  There are only 3 matches in the last 11 Manias that have gone longer than 30 minutes.  Undertaker has been in 2 of them. (Mania 25 vs. HBK and 28 vs. HHH)

In fact, of the top 10 matches in duration over that time span, Taker has been in half of them.

3.  The average match length for this time span has been 11 minutes and 53 seconds.

The median length is 10:34, for those who care about such things.

4.  The minimum number of matches at the last 11 Manias is 8, which means that barring any changes, Wrestlemania 31 will make history for having only 7 matches on the card.

5. The average "match time" for these Manias is 114 minutes and 35 seconds.

Think about that.  These shows are almost always 4 hours long, yet less than half of that time is spent on matches.

6. Wrestlemania 20 had 140 minutes of in-ring action.  Wrestlemania 23 only had 100.

7. There has only been one countout and one disqualification in the last 11 Wrestlemanias.

The epic battle between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler ended in DQ (thanks to the anonymous RAW GM) and Nunzio was counted out by Wrestlemania Icon Jamie Noble at XX.

We've also seen one casket match, one KO (Mayweather vs. Big Show), one Sumo match (also Big Show) and one No Contest (though that was on the pre-show, so it might not count.)

 8. There have been 13 submission victories during this time span.  5 of those ended the entire show.

Wrestlemanias 22 through 24 all had main events that ended in submissions.  John Cena made HBK and HHH tap out in consecutive Manias.

Think about that for a bit.

 9. Triple H has tapped out three times at Mania.  HBK has done it twice, as has Batista.

10. The MITB matches have an average length of just over 16 minutes.

Just in case you're planning for tonight.

 11.  No Diva's match has ever gone more than 9 minutes during these Wrestlemanias.

Average length is just over 5 minutes.  I imagine Divas will get more of a chance this evening.

12. Every Wrestlemania during this era has had at least one match over 20 minutes.

WM30 had 4 matches, which is a record, or at least it is for a few more hours.


The problem with no particular order is that you don't always end on a high note, but it's Wrestlemania, baby!  How many of you are actually going to read this?

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