From the NAI Archive - March 27, 2015 - Hall of Friday - Predicting the 2016 Class

We are less than 36 hours from the 2015 Hall of Fame ceremonies, which means it is the PERFECT time to start gazing into our orbs of crystal and making predictions for the 2016 Hall of Fame class.  Who will make the cut next year?  Will it shape up better than this class has seemed to?  Sure, so long as I have something to say about it. . .

(I don’t have anything to say about it.)

Still, I’ll give you the talents I’d put in next year’s group.  Here’s what I’ll include

A major headlining talent
A “minor” headlining talent
 (the Kevin Nash to Randy Savage, for example)
A tag team
A female talent
An “older” talent
 (think Larry Zbyszko)
A celebrity
A foreign talent and/or a “minority” talent
 (sad, but true - This is why Rikishi is getting in, after all)

I will not be including the “Warrior” Hall of Famer, since I’m not sure if this will be an annual thing or only when it is warranted.  Hoping for the latter, honestly.

On we go!


Some might believe this is a year or two too early, but it comes down to the fact that WWE is quickly running out of these “top” names.  The only other name I could see getting inducted in 2016 is The Rock, and if he’s supposedly wrestling Lesnar at 32, then I doubt he’s getting inducted.

Of course, if Sting wrestles Taker, then who the heck knows?

Still, I’ll say it’s Sting’s year.

”Ravishing” Rick Rude

I was honestly stunned to learn that Rude wasn’t already a member of the Hall of Fame - He was just one of those guys I assumed had been in for ages.

Rick Rude was a one-of-a-kind talent, in my mind.  It’s rare to find someone who has such a perfect match with his gimmick - nobody played the “I’m sexy and I know it” card quite like Rick Rude did.  If you like Shawn Michaels (especially when he was full on HBK), if you like Tyler Breeze, than you would love the “Ravishing One”.

The New Age Outlaws

This is a rare case where the tag team can also close out the show, usually a spot reserved for one of the two “headliners”.   You’re damn right that the D-O-Double-G and Mr. A-Double Crooked Letter are going to end things in 2016.

Arguably the best tag team during my really big childhood watching years, Brian James and Kip Sopp prove that sometimes a tandem of convenience can work - both The Roadie and Rockabilly were going nowhere with bad gimmicks until this team happened.

Are you listening, WWE?  Adam Rose and Fandango - Make them a team!  Now!

Miss Elizabeth

Truth be told, this should be happening this year - inducting Savage and Liz in the same year puts as much of a happy ending on this doubly tragic story as you can.

Sunny may claim to be the original Diva, but Miss Elizabeth is the true innovator, in my eyes.  She was THE valet of the 1980’s and the first one to take a major role in main event storylines.  She needs to be in the Hall.

Teddy Long

People might see this and immediately think “Oh, well yeah, you need an African American”, but to be honest, Long is deserving regardless of race.  He’s been a referee, a manager and a General Manager, and has had a wrestling career that has spanned multiple decades.

Plus, without Teddy Long, we’d have no “Hate-O-Rade”, and we can’t have that.

Ray Stevens

The only reason I’m listing “The Crippler” is because he’s been rumored for so long.  I don’t know anything about him, so if you’re curious, ask Magnum or somebody.

Seth Green

He’s guest hosted RAW a couple times and, if memory serves, even had a match.  Put Seth Green in the Hall!

The Aguayo family

This might not happen since the tragic events of Perro Jr’s death will have taken place over a year away by the 2016 ceremony, but it would be a kind gesture to induct the Aguayo clan into the Hall.

Perro Sr. had a handful of WWE appearances back in the 90’s and is a legend in Mexico, and we now know the story of his son.  This is the classy act we now expect from WWE.


What do YOU think?  Who makes the cut for the 2016 Hall of Fame?  Be Heard.
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