From the NAI Archive - March 24, 2015 - DC's Wrestlemania Prediction Column.

Wrestlemania is but a few short days away, which means I can postpone my predictions no longer.  NAIpod this week will be a quick-fire predictions show, so rather than take up valuable airtime that could go to YOU, I’ll stick with the written word to get my guesses for Mania down.

Just to make things interesting, I’ll be selecting who I wish would win and who I predict will win, which are often two separate things.

Tag Title Match: Cesaro and Kidd vs. Uso’s vs. New Day vs. Los Matadores

I wish I could say that New Day had a real chance here.  I wish I could say that despite everyone hating on the bright blue colors and the abundance of energy, the WWE brass sees the potential in this group and wants to give them a shot.  However, I’ve been a wrestling fan long enough to know that even limitless potential, for some people, isn’t enough.

Now might be a good time to plug tomorrow’s “What If Wednesday”, where I look at perhaps the greatest example of wasted potential in the last decade of WWE, Shelton Benjamin

I predict that Cesaro and Kidd retain their titles, and frankly, I’m happy with that.  These two can be division savers if they have the backing to go with it, and right now, defending their titles on the pre-show is as close as we get to backing in the tag team ranks.

I also predict that this match will be one of the more talked about battles from Sunday - KiddAro and the Uso’s have come close to stealing the show before and if we’re adding four other talented individuals, why couldn’t this be a surprise favorite?

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

I wish that R-Truth would win.  Last week during “Throwback Thursday” I reviewed PWI’s Year End Awards from 2002, and Ron Killings appeared multiple times.  This guy has been a novelty or comedy act for almost his entire career but has proven that when you give him the ball, he can run with it.  Why not let him shock the world, win the IC title and do something with it?

I predict that Ambrose wins, and honestly it’s the best story.  He’s been built as the guy to return prestige to the title, so let him do so.

I also predict that someone’s going to get seriously hurt during this match.  All 7 of these guys want to steal the show and will put their bodies on the line to do so.  The smart money is on Ziggler to do something insane that might also cause injury, but don’t count out Stardust either.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

First, I predict that this match happens early in the card, if only to keep speculation alive that Rollins could recover in time for a MITB cash-in.

I wish AND I predict that Seth Rollins wins, though I’m not sure it’s the clean victory it should be.  If WWE does something surprising (Why not have Sheamus become Rollins’ new muscle, freeing up Mercury and Noble to dominate the tag team division?  Only being slightly sarcastic there. . . ), I’m OK with a dirty win, but if its just Kane or Big Show interfering, I’ll forego my #PromotingPositivity and criticize them for lack of creative booking.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

I wish that WWE would make this all about Sandow.  I don’t need him eliminating everyone else, but he should be more dominant than we’ve seen him in the past and shrug Miz off like an annoying gnat.  If WWE played their cards right, Sandow could be a legitimate WHC contender by year’s end - That’s how over he is.

I predict that this is the return, both in terms of appearance and of relevancy, of Sheamus.  He’s the last guy to come out, he takes all the dominance that Sandow should have and re-emerges as a viable contender.  Not sure how they turn him heel, though. . . Unless. . .

I also predict that Adrian Neville wins the NXT tournament and he and Sheamus are the last two members of the Battle Royal.  As much as I’d like it to be Miz and Sandow, I see that split happening earlier in the match - Sandow eliminates Miz who somehow cheats to get Mizdow tossed.

If Neville comes out, pops the crowd with his overall Neville-ness, then gets brutalized and tossed by a now-heel Sheamus, that sets up a lot of things.  Neville is immediately a relevant underdog, Sheamus is a bully and Miz and Mizdow settle their feud lower on the card.

John Cena vs. Rusev

Making match order predictions is hard because of all the top names.  Lesnar’s not going to go in the middle, but neither should Taker or Sting - This is really where Cena and Rusev belong.

I wish that Rusev would win handily.  There’s been discussion. . .Well, long before NAIpod. . .about when Cena would start “heading down the mountain”, and this is a prime moment.  Though so was last year. . .And probably at many points before that. . .  Rusev should pin Cena (no more passing out, that’s old already) and have his day in the Mania sun.  If they wanted to keep going to Extreme Rules and do some sort of submission match where Cena wins the US belt, fine.  Doesn’t need to happen at Mania.

I predict that #CenaWinsLOL.  How can you do anything else?  Cena is 7 for 9 in title matches at Mania, and on Sunday, he’ll be batting .800.

I also predict that many fans will treat this as the popcorn / bathroom break, if only because it’s halfway through the card.

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

This one is a tricky one to call, mainly because I want both men to win.  2015 HAS to be the year of Wyatt but at the same time, Undertaker has a lot to prove.  I wish this had the possibility of being some sort of non-finish, honestly.  If there were time limit draws in WWE, this would be a great place for one.

Really all that needs to happen is for Bray to. . . Forgive me. . . “look strong” and, ideally, for there to be some symbolic sign of respect between the two.  Having said that, I predict that Undertaker wins, but it takes a whole lot to put Bray down.  Just like when the American Bad Ass fought Jeff Hardy in a ladder match and shook his hand (I think) afterwards, Taker indicates somehow that Bray truly is the future.  That’s all we need.

I also predict that Mark Callaway walks into California with a GIGANTIC chip on his shoulder.  He may turn 50 today (happy birthday, Deadman!) but I expect to see someone moving around like someone 7/10 his age. . .

That means he’ll move like a 35 year old, for those playing at home.  Didn’t your teachers walk you through fractions?

AJ Lee and Paige vs. The Bellas

I wish this match had more of a chance of being anything but a filler.

I predict that’s not going to be the case.  8-10 minutes, tops, with entrances.  This will be a time for fans to reset between Taker and Sting.  That’s all.

I also predict that AJ and Paige win, though I really don’t pay enough attention to tell you why.

Sting vs. Triple H

I wasn’t a fan of Sting speaking before Mania, just like Jason Moltov.  Then I watched him on RAW and remember that he spent a good portion of his career, silent or audible, just dripping with charisma.  So now I’m OK with it, though the whirling baseball bat was a little odd.

I wish this match wasn’t so easy to predict.  I didn’t need to see Sting laid out by a sledgehammer or anything, but Triple H has done NOTHING in this “feud”.  Sure, I might be led to believe in some instances that this is a sign that HHH will do the impossible and achieve victory over The Vigilante, but let’s be serious.

I predict Sting wins, and I also predict it’s not that close.  Sting will be in good shape and the match will be of high quality, but I don’t think Sting overcomes 2-3 Pedigrees before winning.  It’ll be easier than that.

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WHC

I wish this match would have as much intrigue and excitement as the wrestling community (both IWC and NAI-WC) has given it these last few months.  I think I’ve seen just about every possible ending - Brock squashes, Roman squeaks one out, Roman dominates, here-a-swerve, there-a-swerve, everywhere-a-swerve-swerve.  Heyman’s with Reigns, Heyman’s with Rollins, I think I even saw somewhere that Heyman brings Raven out to wipe the floor with both of them. . .

Ok, I made that last one up.

Still, I think we’re giving this a lot more credit than it should get.  I predict that Brock wins, but not without a fight.  I don’t think the promos from Heyman would have been THAT true to life if Brock hadn’t decided to stick around a while longer.  Plus, its just too good of a deal for him to pass up.

I also predict that Reigns comes closer than any other man to beating the Beast.  Not my greatest “reach” of a prediction here, but it’s true.  Roman Reigns can ascend multiple steps on the WWE career ladder in a losing effort, and that’s what I think happens.


What do YOU think?  Am I right?  Wrong?  Completely insane?  Be Heard.
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