From the NAI Archive - March 21, 2015 - The Chief's Briefs - Costumes, Cruiserweights, Crowded Manias and Catastrophes

Good morning and welcome to my newest feature, “The Chief’s Briefs.”

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I’m Chief of Staff of the New Age Insiders and this is the column where I’ll post quick thoughts on the world of wrestling.  Brief thoughts from the Chief.  “The Chief’s Briefs.”

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The Costume Controversy

Jason, Liam and Bill covered this pretty extensively on this week’s NAIpod, and since I don’t often disagree with the fellas, I have very little to add that hasn’t already been said.

From the Twitter page of one of the front row fans, it looks like WWE acted without provocation, simply because people might pay more attention to the IRS guy than the car wreck that Ryback vs. Miz was inevitably going to become.  However, that is only one point of view on the issue, so I hesitate to call WWE to the carpet when I don’t know all the facts.

I also don’t take much stock in the reports that Daniel Bryan signs were confiscated, perhaps because “they already had too many of them.”  First of all, I take issue with the sheer logistics of it.  Having been to a handful of WWE shows in my life, I know that fans are streaming in from all angles, and many of these signs are either rolled up or not even made yet before the show begins.  I highly doubt there was one (or more) stadium employees with clipboards, making sure the WWE-decreed quota on Bryan signs was being met.

My guess is that for the costumes, something happened that WWE brass didn’t like.  Maybe it was just the guys being “method” actors and happening to get picked up by the microphones.  Who knows?   As for the signs, this strikes me as a rumor that the Daniel Bryan “uber-fans” used as another reason why their hero is getting screwed.

Crowded Wrestlemania

With just over a week to go before “The Show of Shows”, I wanted to explain my opinions on the tag title situation, and why I feel they should just scrap the match entirely for Wrestlemania.  While I just said that I often do not disagree with the boys on the podcast, in this take our opinions do diverge.

We all know that the tag division in WWE isn’t doing well, and the injury to Jey Uso makes a thin collection almost see-through at this point, so much so that on RAW we were asked to believe that New Day and Los Matadores are the major contenders for the big copper pennies.

Let’s ignore that lunacy for a second.  Mania is featuring 5 singles matches, which means 10 talents are already spoken for.  Add the 7 (or 8, depending on what they do with Sheamus) from the IC match and then 20 guys for the ATG battle royal (Eighteen are currently announced, including the winner of the NXT tournament) and that’s pretty much the entirety of the roster.  Do we really want to “waste” 6 talents on a tag title match, and that’s presuming there’s only going to be those 3 teams?  The NAIpod boys suggested a Tag Team Turmoil match, and while I love that idea, now we’re talking about 8-10 guys.

I understand that the tag title match is a virtual lock for the pre-show anyway, so some of these talents could pull double duty, but why even bother at this point?  The division is weak, the talents can be used elsewhere, just drop it.  I adore Cesaro and Kidd and I really hope we start seeing signs of a New Day heel turn sooner rather than later, but it doesn’t need to happen at Wrestlemania.

The NXT Day

I didn’t feel there was enough NXT news to warrant a full column, especially since I found this week’s episode to be lacking.  Perhaps it was the foreign feeling of being in a new location, but I wasn’t as drawn in as I have been in previous weeks.

Kalisto and Breeze are both ready for the main roster, I think that’s clear.  My opinions on Prince Pretty are well-documented, but Kalisto, either as part of Lucha Dragons or as a singles talent, can do more on the main roster than in NXT.

Having said that, I don’t think either of those talents are going to wind up winning the NXT Tournament I mentioned earlier; this is Adrian Neville’s spot, I’m almost positive.  Neville has been absent from NXT for a few weeks and this seems like the most natural spot for Mighty Mouse to make his WWE debut.

I’m still not sure exactly what Neville does on the main roster (if Rusev wins at Mania, Neville should be the one to beat him), but after the last few matches he’s had, I’m confident he finds his niche.

Craving Cruiserweight Champions

Something that Kalisto, Neville and even Tyler Breeze could benefit from would be the return of a cruiserweight or lightweight title to the WWE scene.  My Hall of Friday column this week highlighted a number of Japanese talents, all of whom (with the exception of Muta) made names for themselves in the Cruiserweight scene.

Friend and fellow NAI team member MagnumNAI has suggested a “World Middleweight Championship”, a title that would hold the same cachet of the WHC but be for the smaller wrestlers that are seeming to permeate WWE.  I’m not sure that would ever be an idea Vince or Triple H would go for - I imagine they would see a “smaller talent” title as more of a mid-card belt than anything else.

Having said that, imagine a division where Kalisto, Neville, Kofi, Tyson Kidd, Fandango, Hideo Itami and Stardust battled it out week in and week out.  Just for fun, every so often guys like Rollins, Ziggler, Bryan and Ambrose joined it.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch that.

RIP Perro Aguayo Jr.

You’ve undoubtedly read about the tragic news today, as Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. passed away after an in-ring accident.   The death of an active wrestler (or really anyone) is sad, even more so when it happens in the ring.  What makes this one particularly painful is that it involved other talent.  Owen Hart’s death was probably the most tragic moment in wrestling that I can remember, but I can’t fathom what it would have been like had he passed while grappling with other combatants.

I am comforted by the number of people from the wrestling community, both Internet and otherwise, who have expressed sympathy and basic human decency regarding this incident.  It would be easy to try to turn this into a joke or an opportunity to get on some sort of trollish soapbox, but for the most part, we have been shocked, saddened and stricken with the reality of professional wrestling.

These athletes literally do put their lives on the line for our enjoyment each and every week.  For that, they should be lauded and encouraged to do so as safely as possible.


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