From the NAI Archive - March 17, 2015 - RAW Response - International Edition (thoughts on Sheamus, Rusev and the tag title scene)

Top of the morning to you!

Fun Fact:  The proper response to that greeting is “And the rest of the day to yourself.”

That’s why I’m here folks, to entertain AND inform.

After watching RAW this morning, here are three things that stand out to me.

Where in the world is Sheamus?

It feels like he’s been on the verge of return for months now - Are we really going to need to wait until Wrestlemania for him to show up?  I mean, RAW was the night before St. Patrick’s Day - Don’t you want to have your most obviously Irish superstar appear?

To me, this is proof that WWE isn’t quite sure what they want to do with the Celtic Warrior.  If they had a concrete plan in place, they’d have acted on it already.

In order of predictability, some places where Sheamus winds up at Mania.

 The ATG Battle Royal.  If ever there was a match in need of star power, even for someone with such tepid fervor as Sheamus, this is the one.  Since Mark Henry made his official entry this week, it’s POSSIBLE they’re saving Sheamus’ entry for next week, just to add to the “build”, but if that’s the case, shame on WWE for not taking a risk with some creative booking.

 The IC title ladder match.  I know a lot of people are howling on Twitter about how 7 people is too many for a ladder match, but I think that’s bogus.  We’ve watched MITB matches for years that feature between 6-8 superstars, and over that time we’ve learned that if the writing and talents are prepared and bought in, the match will be good.

To that end, if 7 people can be in it, why not 8?  I was really hoping that after Barrett reclaimed his title and was making his way up the ramp last night, we’d see him met with a Brogue kick and Sheamus taking his turn with the title.  Sure, he’d have been a face if he had done so, but that’s easily fixable at Mania or just after.  Again, maybe they’re just biding their time in the hopes of gaining some Celtic momentum on the ‘go-home’ show, but come on, is Sheamus really THAT exciting?

Something unexpected.  I’ll delve into the deep end of the #PromotingPositivity pool with this one, but I’m hoping WWE comes up with a creative way of bringing Sheamus back that is a pleasant surprise.  If he’s going to be a heel, perhaps he’ll come out and attack Cena, giving Rusev the win.  It’s not quite the “World Elite” stable that friends and I have been hoping for, but it would be some outside of the box booking, which is always nice.

The New-Look Rusev


Perhaps I haven’t paid as much attention as I should have in the last few months, in which case the look Rusev was sporting on RAW isn’t exactly “new”, but I totally liked what I saw from the Bulgarian Brute last night.  Gone was the “monster” and in its place was a put-together, well-spoken (if Anti-American) super athlete.  THAT’S the Rusev that I think we should be seeing more of post-Mania, with even less focus on his nationality.

Let him be who he is - someone who can outfight perhaps everyone on the WWE roster, including (perhaps) our World Heavyweight Champion.

The Tag Team Title Picture

With the news that Jey Uso is out for the foreseeable future with a shoulder injury, I firmly believe that the best thing WWE can do at this point is to NOT have a tag team title match at Wrestlemania.

It was enjoyable for what it was, but look at what happened on RAW.  We have Tyson Kidd and Cesaro battling New Day, which on its own isn’t so bad.  Then we have Los Matadores come out. . . . And that’s all!  These are the three teams in the tag title picture?  Why do we even have titles at this point?

I mean, I’m not surprised or anything, but we didn’t even see The Ascension!  That’s how far those two have fallen - they’re not even up to the standards of the flippin’ Matadors!

I know that with a 2 hour pre-show the tag title match is destined to happen before 8 o’clock, but does it even need to happen at all?  Just stick all these guys in the ATG Battle Royal and be done with it!

Or, if you’re INSISTING on having this tag title match, WWE, I have one compound word for you.



What do YOU think?  Where do you see Sheamus at Mania?  Did you like the new Rusev?  Thoughts on the tag title scene?  Be Heard.
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