From the NAI Archive - January 23, 2015 - The NXT Day: Time for Breeze to Bounce

On this week's NXT, Tyler Breeze lost to Hideo Itami in the opening round of the NXT title tournament.  Prince Pretty has been essentially an afterthought since the new wave of talents have entered NXT, and that's really not that surprising.

Tyler Breeze should have been gone from NXT months ago.

Early on in my writing career, way back in July or August, I thought that Breeze was WWE ready.  His gimmick was fantastic, his attitude and charisma was great and his in-ring work was solid enough.  In fact, based on the gimmick, Tyler Breeze SHOULDN'T be a fantastic wrestler.  Why would he, when he can travel the world and make bad music videos?

(Besides, he was trained by Lance Storm, so when push comes to shove, this kid can go.)

Honestly, if I had the book, Breeze would have left right after Fatal 4 Way.  Zayn and Neville were going to be the present day feud, you knew you had Balor, Itami and Owens on deck, there was no reason to keep Tyler around.  He had just the right momentum to translate to a WWE run, and now a lot of that positive energy has disappeared.

All is not lost, however.  There's a way to salvage this, and because I am a giving and loyal friend, NAIbors, I'll share it with you.

Note: I have not read any NXT spoilers, so this is all just a whim of fantasy booking.

We saw a few weeks ago that Breeze is being "haunted" as it were, by some shadowy figure up in the stands.  Obviously this is Marcus Louis, the "French Angel" of NXT, who is still stinging from Breeze's insults a month or so ago.

Tyler comes out next week to lament his loss to Itami, and we see another appearance by Louis.  Marcus even interferes in Breeze's next match, costing him another victory.

Furious at such disrespect, especially by the "ultimate uggo", Breeze challenges Louis to a match at Takeover in February.  He won't allow himself to be in the same company as Louis, so its a "Loser Leaves NXT" match.

Marcus Louis beats Breeze, increasing his NXT stock, and Breeze has to leave.  Dejected and humiliated, Breeze picks up the mic as he's leaving, telling fans he doesn't need them, he'll go to his winter home and live his life to the fullest, forgetting the whole NXT universe.

As he gets to the ramp, Triple H (or Steph, it actually would be better that way. . .Could even be Rollins, really.) comes out and whispers in Breeze's ear.  Breeze grins, they shake hands, and BOOM!  Breeze is on RAW the following week.

What do you think?  Is Breeze ready for the big time?  How would you get him there?  Be Heard.
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