From the NAI Archive - January 22, 2015 - Throwback Thursday - Dear God, I wrote about The Ding Dongs

In hindsight, one could sum up WCW’s “Clash of the Champions 7” with a Dickens quote.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

While the talent pool for the former NWA was deep at the time, with names like Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, The Great Muta, The Midnight Express and a very young Steiner Brothers among their ranks, there was trouble brewing.

Jim Herd, who was running WCW at the time, was trying to compete with WWF.  Seeing that WWF was home to the ‘over-the-top’ gimmicks, Herd decided to create some of his own.

Ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, I give you. . .

The Ding Dongs

You might be wondering why I used such a poor quality picture - Thankfully, the Ding Dongs didn’t have enough of a run to justify a photo shoot.

So there they are.  Ding and Dong.  Or Ding Dong 1 and Ding Dong 2.  Again, their careers were so short, they never got names, I believe.

They wore orange lycra suits with bell graphics. . . They each had bells strapped to their wrists and ankles, like they’re part of the worst band in history.  (You might ask - Wouldn’t the bells have come off during the match?  Answer:  Of course they did, leaving the ring strewn with them.)

Both of these pieces of info I knew before watching the Clash.  What I was unaware of, however, is that there was a bell hung up on the post by their corner, so while one Ding Dong wrestled, the other rang the bell.


Trust me, I’m a fan of bad gimmicks.  I love Papa Shango, Duke Droese, and the like.  Clash of the Champions 7 was also the debut of Norman the Lunatic, the mental patient wrestler.  Loved it.

But The Ding Dongs might be a bridge too far.

Take two nobody wrestlers. . . Seriously, I did research, never heard of the guys behind the masks. . . Give them the ugliest outfits you can find and the most annoying accompaniments you have lying in the back.  Let them wrestle, which if you watch the match, you see wasn’t really in their skill set. . . And history is made.

I want to hear from you.  In your honest opinion, what is the WORST gimmick in history?  Not even “best worst”, so don’t you dare name Glacier - he rocks!  What is actually the worst thing you’ve ever seen?

Be Heard.
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