From the NAI Archive - January 20, 2016 - Thursday Trio - Three Reasons why Bray Wyatt SHOULD win the Royal Rumble

Monday Night RAW ended in an unexpected fashion as Bray Wyatt (and Family) stood tall over BOTH Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.  Now, history would usually dictate that said ending guarantees Bray will not win the Rumble, as whomever stands tall on the go-home show tends not to do well on the following PPV.  I get that.

But here's the thing - Bray Wyatt SHOULD win the Royal Rumble.

Now, I can see NAIborhood members like Laz and even my very good friend Doc Manson shaking their heads at me again.  "Oh, DC, there you go being that Irrational Idealist again.  Bray Wyatt isn't ever going to be a big deal in WWE."  Perhaps that's true, but I say it again, with conviction.

Bray Wyatt SHOULD win the Royal Rumble.

Here are three reasons why.

One - It spreads out the wealth.

I don't need to tell you this, but I'll do it anyway - Injuries are abound in World Wrestling Entertainment.  Two of the three talents voted in the NAI150 as MVP's of 2015, Seth Rollins and John Cena, are on the shelf, most likely until summer.  Orton is out for who knows how long, and numerous other "minor" superstars are also stuck on the DL.  This Wrestlemania season is going to be thin in the main event tier of talents.  We've accepted that.

Meanwhile, the biggest feud in WWE right now is Roman Reigns vs. The Authority, specifically Triple H, despite the latter not having made an appearance in weeks.  We know that Triple H is going to make some sort of impact at this Sunday's Rumble and we know that, somewhere down the line, he and Reigns are going to have themselves a match.

So why limit yourselves?

If Roman and Triple H is already going to have a main event feel, why does it need a title?  Does the championship make it more meaningful?  Sure, maybe a little, but not to any major extent.  Whereas, if you let Roman vs. Triple H shine on its own merits, you can take the power of the World Heavyweight Championship and give it to other talents who might benefit from its rub a little more.

Like Bray Wyatt.  Sure, you could slide other talents (Lesnar, Owens, Ambrose, etc.) in that mix as well, which is why I have two other reasons for Monsieur Face of Fear.

Two - It rewrites history in an instant.

On our year-end #DDTAwards show, Doc Manson and I gave Bray Wyatt the Career Character Misuse award, which technically isn't a thing, even though it should be.  On this week's NAIpod, the boys discuss the yo-yo booking Bray Wyatt has endured these last years.  That's not even beginning to mention the thousands of tweets I've seen lamenting how Bray's career has gone since swapping Husky for Crow Pants.

Winning the Royal Rumble AND the World Title fixes all of that.

If Bray Wyatt stands tall to end the show this Sunday, it is a declarative statement that he has arrived as a main event player.  While many of you are saying to yourselves right now, "But we've seen moments like that before" - Not this big.  Kidnapping the Undertaker at a "B-level" PPV is one thing - Becoming a World Champion by surviving an epic match at a Big 4 Show is another thing entirely.

And then what happens if he beats Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania?

Ok, now I might be shooting the moon here, but if Reigns and Triple H are locking up, the logical person to fight for the World Title against a champion Wyatt is The Beast Incarnate, especially after Monday night.  Bray vs. Brock is going to be a fantasy matchup of a lot of members of the NAIborhood, myself included.  History may dictate that Bray would once again come up short against his main event opponent, it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, being the first man to pin Brock Lesnar since snapping the Streak, via help from the Family or not, is an even BIGGER moment for Bray than winning The Rumble would be.  In three short months, you've made yourself an elite talent who can headline shows for the next decade... You know, that little thing we've been all over WWE for years for not doing enough of?  Bray pinning Brock sets up his future, which brings us to our last reason./

Three - It shapes the future. . . While hinting at the past. . .

One of the points I thought was most poignant on NAIpod this week was when . . . Of course now I don't remember who said it . . .  SOMEBODY said that Wrestlemania stories are told slowly - They need time to build.  I couldn't agree more.

Which is why Bray winning makes sense.

We loved the Reigns / Wyatt feud, even if we felt it went a little long, and we marked out when Bray Wyatt told Roman that "they would dance again" at some point in the future.

"But DC," you say yet again, "you just told us that Reigns vs. Triple H was the co-main event to Wrestlemania, and now you're saying it's Roman vs. Bray?"

Not quite.  I'm saying that Wyatt vs. Reigns is a fantastic story to tell AT SOME POINT in 2016.  WWE has to, at some point, start thinking long-term when it comes to their potential arcs and storylines, and Bray Wyatt as champion does that.

For example:

Bray vs. Roman

Bray vs. Harper (or the rest of his family)

Bray vs. Authority

Bray vs. Finn Balor (just to irritate Moltov)

Bray vs. Owens (stop drooling, I know it's a good idea)

Bray vs. a returning John Cena or Daniel Bryan. . . Heck, or Randy Orton. . .

Bray vs. a returning, and face, Seth Rollins

Putting the belt on Wyatt sets up your 2016 and beyond to be a new and magical adventure.


There's going to be negativity no matter who wins the 2016 Royal Rumble - Just get used to it.  This is the social media world, where we all have opinions that are better than yours and most of us are not shy about telling you why your ideas suck.  In fact, I'm sure I'll get a handful of people who will tell me all the reasons why this is a waste of time article, and Bray Wyatt has absolutely no shot to win the Rumble on Sunday.

And they may be right.  I'll give them that.

But Bray Wyatt SHOULD win the Royal Rumble.  WWE would be a whole lot better if he did.


What do YOU think?  Be Heard.
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