From the NAI Archive - January 20, 2015 - RAW Response: 10 guys who COULD win the Rumble

The Royal Rumble is but a few short days away, and from the look and feel of RAW last night, WWE just noticed.  Last night’s show was a reminder that when push comes to shove, we can get a solid three hour wrestling show that has moments of greatness, which is really all we can ever expect.

There wasn’t a single moment that stood out to me (besides, of course, The Ascension getting buried by practically the entire cast of Monday Night War), so rather than reflect on a specific moment, I’d like to look ahead to the Rumble and give you 10 superstars who I could see winning the entire thing, and why they could be the lead car on the Road to Wrestlemania.

That’s right, I promised you 10 superstars.  Hopefully I can come up with that many. . .

Roman Reigns

While I’ve been down on Reigns’ chances as of late, saving the day for 3 legends (and a combined 5 Rumble winners) puts him in as positive a light as you can, especially since I’m pretty sure he didn’t open his mouth.

Honestly, if anyone needs a “I’ve been made mute by some odd kayfabe medical condition”, it’s Reigns.

Reigns is the winner if WWE is dead-set on building around him for the next 5 years, and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

Daniel Bryan

Losing to Bray Wyatt isn’t a big deal by any stretch of the imagination, especially since it all but guarantees Daniel wins against Kane on Smackdown.

What’s really important here is that any reported issues with Bryan’s health seem to be greatly exaggerated.  He took part in a brutal match with Wyatt and seemed no worse for wear, even if he almost died doing that dive to the floor.  Not sure if Bray was out of position or if Bryan slipped a little coming down, but it looked like he came a few inches from breaking his neck.

Bryan is the winner if WWE wants to reset the clock and just do 2014 over again.  Frankly, nobody would blame them if they did.

Dolph Ziggler

While Ziggler didn’t appear last night, his presence was certainly felt - I doubt many of us were breaking out our sheep masks in celebration when these three got their jobs back.

I’m thinking Dolph gets the number 1 entry Sunday.  Bryan makes sense, too, but I wouldn’t risk it physically.  If Ziggler does get #1, you better believe he’s one of the final four competitors.

Ziggler wins if WWE decides to go with whom the fans have been supporting since way before Survivor Series, though if Ziggler does win, I almost think there’s some sort of heel turn involved as well.

Randy Orton

We haven’t seen or heard from Orton in ages, so it makes a lot of sense that he’d be a factor Sunday.  While most of us expect him to interfere in the title match and cost Rollins the WHC, I think he’d be best served as a surprise Rumble entrant.

Orton is more of a ‘fall-back’ option for WWE than anyone else I’ve mentioned, though for all accounts, a fall back might be just what they need right now.

Orton wins if WWE decides nobody else is ready, either career wise or physically.  Also, Orton wins if they want to give Rollins the WHC and need a solid opponent for him at Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins

The Authority’s golden boy will almost certainly be in the Rumble if he is unable to win the title on Sunday, as Triple H / Steph have no reason not to give him every opportunity to succeed.

Rollins wins if WWE realizes Seth is their bona fide “mega-star in waiting” and decides to “Roll on Rollins” earlier rather than later.

John Cena

Come on, how can John Cena NOT be on this list?  Never count out the power of Kids and Troops, folks!

Now, how Cena gets into the Rumble after losing in the WHC match is something I haven’t quite figured out yet, but with WWE logic, who needs an actual reason?

John Cena wins if WWE really wants to play it safe, though they risk losing a whole bunch of fans if this entire year has really just been John’s “Road to Redemption.”

Bray Wyatt

Jason Moltov says Ziggler is his dark horse, though I disagree that Dolph can be considered that - He’s one of the top 3 contenders to win it all, that can’t be a spoiler.

Now, giving the win to Bray Wyatt DOES qualify as a big surprise.  He’s been on a relative hot streak as of late, his ring work is divine and he’s proven that when he actually has a purpose in speaking, he can say quite a lot.

Now, the question is, would he go for the title or would a Rumble win be the beginning of his quest to topple the Undertaker, provided all the rumors are true?  I could see him coming out the night after the Rumble and saying he wants Taker instead of a title shot.

Bray Wyatt wins if WWE wants to truly shock the Universe and make another legit main eventer overnight.


Another long shot, though if you look at the character and the story, this is really the next logical step.  We all expected Rusev to revolutionize the US title, mainly by changing its name, but now he’s just a time-filler (or an excuse to bring out yet another African American talent on Martin Luther King Day!).

Rusev winning the Rumble and going on to challenge Cena at Mania (It would have to be Cena, wouldn’t it?) elevates and develops the Rusev character, something he (and Lana) sorely need.

Rusev wins if WWE wants Cena to have a new monster heel to fight or wants a non-Authority heel to have something productive to do.

Dean Ambrose

Honestly, I can’t really see Ambrose winning.  I just can’t.  His feud with Rollins is pretty much over, the moment he could have had with Cena is passed and there’s no way WWE is going to put him in a program with Lesnar.  It’s not happening.

Only one way this works…

Ambrose wins if WWE wants to have some sort of dramatic ending with Reigns and Ambrose taking each other out, leading to them FINALLY TAKING MY IDEA AND DOING A SHIELD TRIPLE THREAT AT MANIA!!!

Sorry. . .Got a little overexcited there. . .

Ok, here’s the last one.  I made it to 10!  This is the one many of you will hate and a select few will love.

The Undertaker

I know, I know, it’s NEVER going to happen.  Taker is likely done. . . I mean DONE. . .And if he is going to come back, it will be at Mania 32 in Texas.

But. . .

Undertaker wins if WWE knows Lesnar is leaving and wants to eliminate the sour taste from all of our mouths by giving Taker his chance at revenge and letting him retire as WHC.

Your thoughts?  Did I miss anyone?  Who’s winning it on Sunday?  Be heard!
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