From the NAI Archive - December 15, 2014 - TLC Recap: In Verse! Or. . . Why DC Matthews shouldn't stay up past 10 PM

TLC has come and gone, this last event has passed.
So let us take a look and see who grabbed the rings of brass.

The wrestlers there in WWE aspired to find the solution
To try and match the greatness that was Takeover: R-Evolution.

Things started as I said they should - IC belt hanging high
A ladder match in which Harper and Ziggler would soon vie.

Now Dolph and Luke, they did not need too much motivation.
Their match was brutal and intense - it filled us with elation.

Both athletes bled, were battered. . . Bruised. . .And yet we loved it all.
And in the end, it was the “HEEL” who once again stood tall.

It wasn’t hard for us to see that these men knew the stakes
I felt they each grabbed hold the ring - they wouldn’t wait for breaks.

The next contest put twins against The Miz and his stunt double
But not tagging in Damien spelled out all sorts of trouble.

I get that it’s the gimmick - we’re supposed to want more
Yet not seeing Sandow wrestle made this fan very sore.

I fear that if this continues all momentum will be lost
Please don’t ruin Mizdow - that’s way too high a cost.

After this, we saw two men with no cranial hairs
Yet there were many, many, many. . . Many, many stairs

I pity any person who is pitted against Show
I care for Paul Wight deeply but his name should be Big Slow.

Erick Rowan did his part, though, he tried to grab the ring.
The fact that he did lose this match gives me a mighty sting.

Most shockingly of all last night was when I stood in line
To meet the man Mick Foley.  The time was just round nine.

The fellow standing front of me watched TLC on his cell.
When I saw Cena in the ring, I thought that it was swell.

So glad was I to see John Cena not in the main event
When I discovered that he won, I felt no need to lament.

The match was good… Borderline great.  Both talents did their part.
Even Noble and Mercury were their own work of art.

And in the end, John Cena Reigns.  He has the Empire to thank.
Big Show / Roman at the Rumble.  You can take that to the bank.

I must admit, after this match, fast forwarding ensued.
I skipped the entire Diva’s match.  I’m sorry if that’s rude.

I have no interest in their fight, so I can’t say how it went.
Let us all wonder once again if AJ’s career is spent.

The chairs were out in fullest force for our next attraction.
I skipped the majority of this match, too.  I caught only a fraction.

I saw that Ryback won, but I imagine it was rough.
I hate to say it but of “The Big Guy”, I’ve had enough.

Rusev and Swagger were up next.  I don’t quite know the reason.
I guess in WWE we must be up to repeat season.

Swagger broke The Accolade, so I suppose that’s something.
But in the end I wonder if Rusev’s push is stunting.

He needs a brand new challenger in order to improve.
Why not feud with Cesaro?  That match I would approve.

TLC ended our show, though in full disclosure.
I still haven’t watched the whole thing.  Please try to keep composure.

I only have 7 minutes or so left before the end.
From what I hear the final moments are hard to defend.

No matter how the match concludes, both Dean and Bray were great
Mr. Wyatt’s been ready to grab the brass ring for ages - a shame he’s had to wait.

And Ambrose?  He’s had it since the taxi cab schtick, or maybe even before.
One could say, in fact, that the brass ring is his floor.

So in conclusion. . . It wasn’t bad, though not near NXT.
It’ll be hard to match that in story driven WWE.

But Dean, Bray, Seth, Luke, Erick, Dolph. . . And heck, even John
Reached up for that brass ring and mainly they hung on.

In this fans eyes, and most of yours too, the future is well in hand.
I even think the same is true over there in McMahon land.

The first match and the last showed that the next wave have their spots.
And now it’s time, dear reader, for you to share your thoughts.

Who stole the show at TLC?  What action had you stirred?
Discuss below and as always, my NAI-borhood, Be Heard.
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