From the NAI Archive - August 17, 2015 - Musing Monday - Giva Eva a Chance

The worst match I’ve ever seen in my entire life took place on a RAW in 2002.  I won’t look up the specific date.  Trust me - You’ll be able to find it.

In one corner stood Jackie Gayda and Christopher Nowinski, famous for being married to Charlie Haas and for fighting against concussions, respectively.  Not surprising that either of them would be in a match that was so heinous.

On the other side?  A present and a future WWE Hall of Famer.  The male opponent was Bradshaw, back before he cut his hair, jumped in a limo, and worked his way into our hearts.

The female opponent?  Trish Stratus.  You read that right.  Trish Stratus, whom many, if not most would argue is one of the top 3-5 women wrestlers EVER, took part in the worst wrestling match I’d ever seen.

The worst part?  She was the one who stunk the most.

Seriously, go look this match up.  It’s so bad that Jim Ross had no choice but to comment on how bad it was.  It’s only 3:37 long, go listen.  It’s terrible.  Go outside and pick the nearest vagrant you can find.  Then go and find your oldest living relative, and have her bring along her best friend.  The four of you could probably throw together as quality of a match as these four did.  If not a little better.

Why am I railing about this?  Why am I bringing up such a painful memory?

Trish Stratus put on one of the worst matches in the history of professional wrestling, which if we’re being honest, was probably not the only stinker of hers, and is still regarded as one of the all-time greats.

Why couldn’t Eva Marie do the exact same thing?

It’s cool right now to hate on Eva Marie.  The NXT crowds will boo her vigorously, people are INCREDIBLY passionate when they discuss her on Twitter, but guess what, gang?  She’s not going away.  Much like Trish, she’s got the “look” that Doc Manson and I were talking about on this week’s NAIborhood podcast.   WWE is on board with the Eva Express, and she’s doing her part, too.  She’s putting in the people-hours (Don’t want to be sexist, Doc, I’m learning!) to train.

Is she still VERY MUCH a work in progress?  Sure she is.  Trish Stratus was a work in progress as well, and then she figured it out, and now she’s a Hall of Famer.

Will Eva Marie follow that path?  Truth be told, probably not.  I doubt she’s a 2026 inductee.  But she can get better, and she has gotten better.  She’s dedicated to training, and that’s something I can root for.

So, folks, what I’m saying is this. . .

Giva Eva a Chance!
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