From the N2C Archives - September 11, 2014 - The Teacher's Book: NXT Takeover and Thoughts on Improving WWE's Best Product

What began as a simple fantasy booking session turned into a rant about the best product WWE has to offer.

It all started so simply. . .

The Scene: NXT Takeover - The Main Event

After 20-30 minutes of some of the most amazing wrestling you’ve ever seen (seriously folks, this match is going to be tremendous), each wrestler has hit their finisher and kicked out of someone else’s.  All four men stagger to their feet, facing each other, exhausted, the crowd going crazy.

And the lights go out.

They come back on, and Tyler Breeze is on the mat, unconscious.  The three remaining competitors look around and at each other.

Lights go out again.

Kidd is also out cold.  Zayn and Neville point at each other, obviously blaming their opponent for some sort of chicanery.

Darkness once more.

When the lights come on, Neville is out.  Zayn is standing in the ring all alone, looking very, very confused.

For a final time, we are unable to see.
This time, Zayn is no longer alone in the ring.  Standing over each of the fallen opponents is Kenta, Devitt and Kevin Steen.  All 3 of these attackers are facing Zayn, who looks as if he has seen a ghost.  They step forward, he steps back.  Steen, who is in the center of the trio, takes another step forward himself.

He smiles.

Zayn smiles.

They then embrace like the long lost friends that they are.  Zayn hugs each of the new group in turn, raising their hands to the camera.  The crowd is stunned.  What just happened?  Did Sami Zayn just turn heel?  Should we cheer these guys?  (Hint: They probably will cheer these guys)

GM William Regal comes down to the ring, looking like a man on a mission.  He and the referee begin animatedly discussing what just happened, with the referee saying he’s going to throw the match out, since there was obviously outside interference.

Regal shakes his head slowly, pointing to the mat and signalling he expects the referee to count to three.  Zayn places one foot on the fallen Adrian Neville’s prone body, and the referee, surrounded by Regal and the three attackers, has no choice but to count.

Your winner, and new NXT champion, Sami Zayn.  These new superstars now seem to have friends in high places, as the GM and new champ celebrate with them to end the show.

Why it works -   How does it not?  Invasion angles are always fun for a while, and Regal always, ALWAYS is better as a heel.  Breeze and Neville could head up to the main roster if that’s what WWE has planned and the rest of the NXT roster needs to defend itself against this new faction.  Tyson Kidd, Mojo, Kalisto and Sin Cara and even Adam Rose all have a united cause, and also more to do.

Why this won’t happen -  A hundred different reasons.  I doubt they want to do another invasion angle, for one.  They never last very long and truthfully, with the Monday Night War documentaries being so popular on WWE Network, nothing they could do would top reminiscing of the nWo.

Zayn is also likely heading to WWE with Neville, especially since he seems to be one of Triple H’s pet projects.  We might eventually see KentaDevittSteen as a stable at some point, but it’ll likely be missing the “Ole!” factor.

Plus, with only having one hour a week, I don’t know that NXT can really handle 3 new high-profile superstars all at once.  What happens to guys like Enzo Amore and Big Cass, Mojo and Bull Dempsey, and everybody’s favorite tag team, the Vaudevillains, if they’re getting bumped week in and week out for a Devitt or Steen match?

Lesson:  NXT needs to be two hours a week.

Seriously - they’ve got amazing talent that is being held back by time constraints.  Expand to 2 hours a week.  Take NXT on the road more often for televised events.  Hell, we’ve been discussing it on Twitter anyways - Why doesn’t NXT replace Smackdown?  It’s already loads better than WWE’s secondary show, so why not give it the national exposure it needs?

A roster that includes Kenta, Devitt, Steen, Breeze, Kidd, Gabriel, Bull Dempsey, Kalisto and Sin Cara, Vaudevillains, Enzo and Cass, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Bliss, Becky Lynch, even young studs like Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordon would TOTALLY be a viable 2 hour cable show.

The argument against it is always “But nobody knows those guys!”  That’s true, because unless you have the Network, you can’t know who they are!  Nobody knew John Cena when he came out and challenged Kurt Angle, but he seemed to do OK.  The Shield were virtual unknowns when they made their debut, yet I’m pretty sure they’re household names now.

So you take the first few weeks and integrate with “known” stars.  The Vaudevillains get a win over the Usos, Breeze and Ziggler have a verbal war of beautiful, KentaDevittSteen takes on Cena, Reigns and Sheamus and almost beats them.  It won’t take long before people are clamoring for these new guys (it happened already with the NXT match on RAW last week), so get it done, WWE!

NXT is the best thing you have right now.  Make the most of it.
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