From the N2C Archives - July 16, 2014 - Lessons from the WWE Network: A Syllabus

Wrestling 101: Lessons from the WWE Network
Class Syllabus
Instructor:  DC Matthews 
Description:  This course involves a thorough examination of the 466 (and growing) list of Pay-Per-View events currently listed on the WWE Network, exploring the history of the NWA / WCW, ECW, and WWE.  This course is designed for the subscriber overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the content in front of them, though an experienced PPV viewer may also find the review helpful.
- To explore the history of professional wrestling, be it the good, the bad or the absolutely dreadful.
- To highlight events, characters and matches that may have been lost to the sands of time.
- To foster broader appreciation for the current WWE product through study of lessons from the past.


Each week we will randomly select a wrestling event from the archives and first establish its proper historical context.

Then, we will study the 5 major lessons that one can learn from viewing this card.  Lessons may include the specific (individual matches, intensive study of wrestler(s) long since forgotten, or perhaps even a single move) or the general (tropes, topics or watershed moments that left lasting effects on the broader wrestling world).

There may also be thought experiments (hypothetical questions to inspire pondering and discussion) at The Teacher's discretion.

Materials:   In addition to the PPV materials, lessons also may include ancillary content located in the WWE Network Vault.
Grading:  While this course offers no formal grading, discussion is encouraged, either via Twitter or in the comment section of this blog.
Schedule:  Our first lesson will take us back to the year 1993, to a WCW event known as Battlebowl.
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