From the N2C Archives - July 15, 2014 - The Teacher's Lounge: He is The Miz, and right now, he is Awesome!

My first independent column as DC Matthews.  Well, technically I was "The Teacher", but. . . You get the idea.


In addition to the conversations Doc and I will be having about most things wrestling each week, we will also be sharing some more independent thoughts on the segments, matches or storylines that caught our attention.  This week, I’d like to talk about a wrestler that I have recently begun to enjoy a lot, even though I’m incredibly ashamed to admit it.  However, they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so here goes.

Hi.  I am The Teacher and I. . . . Man, this is hard.  I like. . .

*deep breath*

I like The Miz.

After years of what seemed like trying to run from the fact that Mike Mizanin was a reality TV star before he was a wrestler, now it looks like WWE is embracing it.  You could tell from the moment he made his return a few weeks ago, sneering to the crowd, “I’m baaaaack.  Miss me?”   The Miz believes he is a major movie icon who is gracing us lowly fans with his presence each week, which to me, makes him highly entertaining.

I love the ‘Movie Preview’ that shows up at the beginning of his Titan Tron video (though I think he needs some new, more Hollywood entrance music).  I love that his sunglasses are enormous and that he rocked a scarf a few weeks ago.  I love that he said his goal was to avoid hurting his ‘Money Maker’ and then put said face up on screen during his match with Sheamus.

I don’t know if The Miz is ever going to be a World Champion again, but I think he’s definitely one of the favorites for the Intercontinental title this Sunday at Battleground.  At the very least, a Miz and Bo Dallas team would add some punch to a very stale tag division.

I am The Teacher, and I like the Miz.

Thus ends the lesson.
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