From the N2C Archive - August 23, 2014 - Class is in Session: The best 60 seconds you're likely not watching.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

There’s a good to great chance you’re not watching arguably the best sixty seconds of WWE programming each week.

It’s not NXT, as much as I like that ‘brand’.  It’s not Cesaro’s matches, though they are always excellent.  It’s not even Dean Ambrose, even though he might be the perfect blend of Steve Austin and Roddy Piper.

In fact, you won’t find this marvelous minute on WWE television.  Yet.

I’m talking about Sandow’s Sixty, which can be found on and on the WWE App.
Damien Sandow, former Money in the Bank winner turned wrestling chameleon (aka Charlie Haas 2.0), is given sixty seconds each week to talk about anything he wants, and it has quickly become must-see web-TV if you’re a wrestling fan.

Here is one of the more recent ones.  Watch; it’ll literally only take a minute.

Did you notice the honesty?  The legitimate contempt Damien has, not only for the “marks” on Twitter, but also for his forced lot in life?  The ‘hand-cuffed’ gesture at the end speaks volumes about the way Sandow feels he is being treated, and I am sure he is not alone.

That sort of pent-up rage, the feeling of being misused or handled poorly. . . That’s what brought Mick Foley and Austin to WWE in the first place.  They were furious with the way they had been handled by WCW, and so when given the opportunity to vent their frustrations (thanks to Paul Heyman and ECW), they cut some of the best promos the world has ever seen.  Had it not been for channeling that rage, those real-life feelings, they’d have never been as big as they became.

Apparently, we are in the midst of the “Reality Era” in WWE.  CM Punk started it, and Heyman seems to be the flag-bearer for it these days, and I think Sandow is a perfect person to continue the trend.  Why is Sandow’s Sixty not a part of every RAW?  In one minute, he can make an impact that he’ll never get to do in a 4-6 minute squash match where he’s dressed like Ludvig Borga.

Lesson:  You can teach a guy to wrestle, you can teach a guy to talk, but you can’t teach charisma.

Sandow has it in spades, and its a shame he’s being wasted on WWE television.  I don’t think we need another Pipe Bomb, but we do need some of these guys to let their personalities shine through a little more.
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