Doc and DC are back at it with The List, trying to rank the greatest wrestlers of all time. This week's show makes up for lost time as we have a whole bunch of names (5, technically) invade the top 25, including two new members of the top 10! Who has earned such an esteemed honor? Listen and find out!

This week, we rank a trashman, a billionaire princess, a Japanese legend and a Deacon Destroyer. Join us, won't you?

This is it, friends. The Mt. Everest of "The List" episodes. Not only do we cover Lio Rush AND Perry Saturn, but we also talk about one of the greatest of all time. . . Texas Red. After we try to handle the Phenom that was that ranking, DC almost becomes a Deadman as the next name mentioned just happens to be the love of Doc Manson's life. This show, as they say, is a banger.

This week, DC and Doc add more names to The List! Awesome Kong! Karl Anderson! Grizzly Redwood! NorMAN SmiLEY! Walk down memory road with us!

On this week's episode of The List, we consider Constable Corbin, mull over Hugh Morrus, sing the praises of Shark Boy and crown a NEW Greatest Wrestler of All Time. All these talents and more. . . They just made The List! (Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge!)

On this week's episode of The List, Doc and DC try to find the proper rankings for talents like Becky Lynch, Bart Gunn, the Nasty Boys and the Young Bucks. Plus, superheavyweights, secrets, sergeants and Scorpios! Join us, won't you?
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