Finding the Right Numbers

I began with a Google search for what I hoped would be a quick and easy investigation into which WWE wrestler holds the record for the highest cumulative number of eliminations during the Royal Rumble match (1988 - 2016). This was a figure that I was able to find in more than a few places, but I quickly realized that many sources didn't agree on the numbers. Ultimately, I decided I would need to count for myself.

I found that the Wikipedia pages for the yearly Royal Rumble events each had a list of entrants, in order, as well as who eliminated them, and the number of eliminations that they each scored during the match. After compiling the numbers, while some match those from official sources, not all do. Part of this is due to the way I tallied the eliminations. In my counting, I grouped eliminations as all those by the same performer. So, for my list, Kane, Isaac Yankem, and fake Diesel are all counted as the same individual- something the WWE is unlikely to recognize.

Even accounting for such differences in tabulation, the numbers still don't quite match up. I suspect this is due to differences in counting who gets credit for an elimination when more than one wrestler is involved. For example, using Kane again, has an article crediting the Big Red Monster with 42 eliminations in 2014. By my method of ccounting, Kane would be credited with an additional 6 eliminations since then. This would give Kane a total of 48 according to However, my count, which is admittedly inflated by one due to an elimination by Isaac Yankem, only comes out to 44. No matter what, the numbers don't seem to match.

This is all a long-winded way of saying, these numbers have some flex to them. Sadly, I'm not aware of a more trustworthy source, so these are the numbers as they stand. You can click here to check out my full spreadsheet, listing all Royal Rumble participants and eliminations by year.

Finally, and the entire point to this endeavor, I wanted to make another infographic, this time memorializing those wrestlers with the greatest number of total eliminations. You'll note that the numbers on my graphic don't even match the numbers from my spreadsheet. The numbers on the infographic are from the Wikipedia general Royal Rumble page, which covers a series of Royal Rumble stats and facts, again without any strong sources that I could validate. Regardless, I guess the point here is this: don't fret the numbers too much. Just appreciate the greatness that we've been witness to over the course of the last 29 Royal Rumble matches and enjoy the infographic, below.

Royal Rumble: Most Cumulative Eliminations: 1988-2016

Doc Manson presents WWE Trends in Ticket Sales

As part of my ongoing look into the health of thee WWE as a company, I started collecting data from the annual financial reports available on the corporate WWE website. Although my first infographic gave a more complete picture of overall health, a request on Twitter suggested that there would be value in taking a deeper dive on various aspects of the WWE's current business. Today, I present my findings relating to the WWE's live event ticket sales, both domestically and internationally. Check out the new infographic, and stick around to read the good Doctor's expanded interpretation, below.

WWE Trends: Ticket Sales Infographic:

While I learned that my first infographic was entirely too long, and thus shortened this one, I did not learn my lesson regarding the overuse of graphs. Someday, I will figure out a more elegant way of expressing this information.

Live Event Attendance Analysis

As for the topic at hand, it is plain to see that the WWE is doing quite well overall when it comes to attracting audiences to their live events. Despite this, the international market isn't performing as well as it could be, as evidence by comparing recent average ticket sales to those in 2010 and earlier.

The exact reason for this downturn is not clear. The first year with a serious decrease in international attendance was 2011. This coincided with the end of the first brand extension, and it is tempting to conclude that, with the merging of talent into a single roster, the WWE was forced to offer less live events and thus saw lowered ticket sales. This conclusion is easily dismissed, however, as the number of international live events didn't begin to decrease until 2012.

It seems that either international fan interest simply began to decrease in 2011, or that the venues booked were smaller and therefore not capable of holding as many people as in previous years. Without a full list of the venues, and knowledge of the maximum capacities of each, a clear conclusion cannot be made from the data provided in the financial reports.

In either case, the financial reports suggest that the WWE needs to renew their focus on international markets, and, with the global expansion of the WWE Network, the WWE has done exactly that. Bringing in popular international talents, like A.J. Styles, Finn Balor, The Club, and Shinsuke Nakamura has all been done to help attract international interest. Further, the recent UK Championship Tournament and the company's commitment to an ongoing UK television product both demonstrate that the WWE is already acting upon the need to hold more international events. I suspect that international performance will only increase throughout 2017.

Longtime DDT Wrestling podcast listeners will know that DC and myself have little regard for the nay-saying, ratings-mongering mentality that seems so pervasive within online professional wrestling fan communities. Common knowledge seems to suggest that the WWE's television ratings are down versus where they were at the end of the attitude era, and that surely the company is doing much worse today than they were ten or fifteen years ago.

With these ideas in mind, my doctoral instincts kicked in and I poured over all of the available annual financial statements available on the WWE Corporate website ( I collected a ton of relevant (and some not-so-relevant) data, put together a spreadsheet, and began sifting through the numbers to see what the real trends actually are.

Although I feel like the overly WWE-negative mindset has somewhat quieted within online communities over the course of the past year, I offer the infographic below as a final argument against that mentality. I cover a number of topics in what I hope is an approachable way, all the while showing the actual reported numbers as tallied by the WWE. Topics range from profits (net income), to TV ratings and revenue, live event ticket sales, WWE subscription revenue, and net revenue before expenses. Enjoy!

State of the WWE Infographic:

WWE Financials Infographic from Annual Reports

WWE Expense Analysis

The real issue with the WWE that I don't quite cover in the infographic is that it is an expense-heavy business. This is simply the reality of the business, given the need to tour and set up live events all over the world, and to continue to invest in the digital infrastructure which supports the WWE Network. 2014 is an excellent example of this, as you can see that annual revenue in 2014 was equal to the highest periods of the last ten years (excluding 2015. which saw the explosive success of the WWE Network in its second year of release).

In 2014, the investment into the WWE Network was so extensive that those near-record revenues were completely offset by expenses. At the time, a lot of energy was put into arguments that the sky was falling for the WWE's business plan, so much so that such people failed to notice that the WWE had provided guidance that such losses were to be expected that year. The fact that 2015 was considerable better, and that 2016 will likely be better still, is not surprising, given these numbers.

I look forward to the end of March 2017, when the 2016 annual financial report will be made available, and we can begin to see what performance we can expect out of the WWE Network longer-term now that its launch is beginning to enter into the more-distant past.

Since mid-October 2016, the WWE has been teasing the makeover of Emma to Emmalina, with a series of tantalizing vignettes promising that the debut will be "coming soon." Emma has been out of action for the majority of 2016, after sustaining a potentially career-threatening neck shortly after making her return to the main WWE roster.

The flurry of weekly teasing on Monday Night RAW is only increased by Emma herself, who is currently posting a series of glamour photos to her personal twitter account, @EmmaWWE. The publicity push has eager fans absolutely salivating for the superstar's in-ring return.

— EMMA (@EmmaWWE) October 14, 2016

With tweets like these, who can blame fans for demanding Emma's return to action?

Premiering soon... #RAW

— EMMA (@EmmaWWE) October 25, 2016

Despite the hype, and after several months of WWE pushing the new "Emmalina" beauty model character, I can't help but suspect that this is a debut that is never going to materialize. This is not to say that Emma will not return to WWE television, as I'm convinced that she will. Rather, I'm beginning to suspect that the entire Emmalina character is a clever bit of misdirection story-telling.

The signs are all there that the Emmalina character is merely a facade, a farce constructed to ensure that, when Emma does return, that she returns to a villain's welcome. The issue is that Emma is a well-regarded wrestler in terms of athletic ability, and had been gaining a strongly positive crowd reaction in the months prior to her untimely injury. This runs counter to the WWE's wishes for Emma's character, which they would like to position as a "bad guy" in their somewhat heel-anemic women's division on RAW. If Emma were to simply return from injury now, she would be greeted with a hero's welcome, a defacto-face that might overshadow the crowd's reaction for the company's chosen faces, Bayley and Sasha Banks.

The WWE ran into a similar problem earlier in 2016 when the well-liked Seth Rollins returned from injury and was loudly cheered, despite the company wishing to continue Rollins' run as their chief villain. In my opinion, the WWE is now seeking to circumvent a similar scenario with Emma. It seems obvious that a debuting Emmalina would be the type of character that flaunts her beauty. Such a character would generate a predictably positive audience reaction, which could easily be turned negative through some variation of Emmalina presenting herself as being unattainable by those that desire her. Although a seemingly obvious choice, I think it is unlikely that Emmalina would utilize this gimmick, as a similar role is already well-played by Lana, another female member of the RAW cast.

The other possibility is that Emmalina could come into the company as a face. Although it is possible for this model-type character to be portrayed as a fan-favorite, by personifying beauty without conceit (e.g., Kelly Kelly), this does not play to Emma's strengths as a performer, nor to the company's need for another formidable villain. As I've already stated, I do not think that the WWE would want Emma to be cheered upon her return, so they must have some sort of plan that will ensure that she will be properly reviled. Certainly, Emma's tweets have become increasing contemptuous, and it is clear that there is little chance that she will handle herself in a face-like manner.

You'll see me when I'm ready for you to see me... For now I'll just chill! ? #RAW

— EMMA (@EmmaWWE) November 15, 2016

In this business, we don't always get what we deserve! If we did, I would have been champion long before ANY of the #4horsewomen! #Roadblock

— EMMA (@EmmaWWE) December 19, 2016

All you cared about were the #4Horsewomen...
Now I finally have your attention and I'm supposed to fall at your feet, yeah right! #Raw

— EMMA (@EmmaWWE) December 13, 2016

That last tweet is the one that I find most telling, and upon which I hang my theory for the returning star. Emma proclaims that she will not fall at our feet, which I take to mean that Emmalina will never materialize. The promise of a glamour model sets up certain expectations within certain demographics of the wrestling audience. By delaying Emmalina's debut, the audience continues to anticipate her arrival, and the potential positive initial response to her return only grows larger. WWE is intentionally feeding the audience this expectation, building anticipation for Emmalina. It is my opinion that when Emma does return, we will not be greeted by the glamorous model character promised in the tweets above, but rather by the following:

If true, this would be a clever bit of misdirection. The juxtaposition of Evil Emma stepping out in front of the audience would instantly dash the elevated expectations for the debuting Emmalina. The crowd, prepared to cheer the glamorous model, would turn on the returning star for denying them that which was promised. The long-drawn out series of return vignettes only fuels this response, through the perceptions of fans that feel as though their time has been somehow wasted. Emma, by side-stepping the Emmalina character entirely, will return and be embraced as the heel that RAW needs.


Now that that's over, let's focus on what's really important... Saving this #WomensRevolution with my premier, next week on #RAW!

— EMMA (@EmmaWWE) December 6, 2016

Agreed, Emma. Let's focus on what really matters; getting you into that main event.

The Weekly Wrestling News!

This is the Fake News for the week of October 16, 2016!

This was a big week for news in the world of professional wrestling. We cover the return of Goldberg to the WWE, the return of Mickie James to NXT, the announcement of the first women's division Hell in a Cell, and the continued collapse of TNA.

Weekly Wrestling News Ep. 7 - Full Transcript

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet. My name is Doc Manson and you're listening to the fake wrestling news!

In our top story this week, it has been announced that Goldberg will be returning to the WWE and it has become clear that the returning superstar is on a collision course with the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. The feud is an extension of Goldberg's last feud in the WWE, which culminated in the legendary match between himself and Lesnar at WrestleMania 20. And by legendary, I mean garbage fire.

We here at the Weekly Wrestling News can't help but suspect that the return is really just elaborate cross promotional branding for the video game WWE 2K17, in which both Lesnar and Goldberg have been prominently featured. Still, it's hard to dismiss the return of this wrestling veteran as mere nostalgia. After all, over the course of the past 12 years, Goldberg has remained active in the world of professional wrestling. For instance, he, uh, well, he appeared once in 2015 to deliver his finishing maneuvers against Scott Steiner, and, uh, oh! Goldberg appeared a second time in early 2016 to, uh, again, spear Scott Steiner… Look, I'm sure that Goldberg is in excellent physical condition and will put on an absolute clinic in the ring against Brock Lesnar. WWE has never failed us before. And certainly not in this exact same manner with these exact same wrestlers. It'll be fine.

And now, the fake wrestling headlines that you care about!

Billy Corgan, front man for the alternative rock band the Smashing Pumpkins, sued Total Nonstop Action, the company for which he is also the current President. A temporary restraining order was approved, and Billy Corgan filed a bond to support it today. A hearing for a temporary injunction has been scheduled for Thursday, October 20th at 11:30am local time, and Corgan has requested a six-person jury to decide the case. We asked Harvard educated attorney David Otunga for his expert opinion on the matter. Otunga indicated that it is not mere coincidence that 6 jurors were requested, given that this is one juror for each side of the TNA ring. Otunga speculates that Corgan is planning to facilitate a favorable verdict by implementing a classic example of the famed lumberjack injunction.

WWE announced on Twitter that RAW star Sin Cara has officially signed on to be a part of the Cruiserweight division. We here at the fake wrestling news have absolutely no idea what this actually means, given that Sin Cara was already signed by RAW, the brand which hosts the cruiserweight division, and given that Sin Cara already fit into the weight restrictions required by said division. Congratulations? I guess?

R-Truth debuted a new gimmick on RAW this week,  standing in as a living embodiment of product placement by offering a Pay Day candy bar to Chris Jericho in an otherwise extraneous and completely pointless backstage segment. This suggests a terrifying new reality is upon us, a reality in which the only way television revenue can be increased is by such blatant and shameless forms of advertising. Amongst the backstage production crew, stories were circulated indicating that if you're real quiet, somewhere in the distance you can hear the faint, ghostly sound of Vince McMahon laughing, literally all the way to the bank. *insert Vince McMahon laughter*

The following is a Public Service Announcement! Following his tag match with Randy Orton against the Wyatt family, Kane disappeared from the Smackdown Live ringside area, and has not been seen since. Kane's only surviving family, his brother the Undertaker, is reportedly very worried regarding Kane's whereabouts. We are asking that if anyone out there has information related to Kane's disappearance, please forward that information to and all credible tips will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

In NXT news, Japanese superstar Hideo Itami was injured this past week, after being on the receiving end of a poorly executed power slam by developmental wrestler, Riddick Moss. Between this injury and his inclusion in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic, we're not sure which development was worse for Itami's singles career.

At No Mercy, Dolph Ziggler did the impossible and actually won a match, defeating the Miz to become the Intercontinental champion. Later in the same show, Bray Wyatt also did the impossible and won his match against Randy Orton. This is a sign that Smackdown Live is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. What I mean is old testament, real wrath of god type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky. Rivers and seas boiling. 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos. The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice. Dogs & Cats living together. Mass hysteria!

Smackdown Live women's champion Becky Lynch was unable to compete at No Mercy this past weekend in her title defense match against Alexa Bliss, citing an injury that was unrelated to in-ring competition. Online rumors have suggested that Becky Lynch may have been suffering from a flair up related to irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that she has acknowledged suffering from in the past. Although wrestling fans often joke about it, this elevates to a whole new level the concept of a match being nothing more than a bathroom break.

History was made on RAW this week! Women's Champion Sasha Banks challenged former champion Charlotte to a title match inside the satanic steel structure known as Hell in a Cell, setting the stage for what is likely to be the first women's main event at a WWE pay-per-view style event. Historically speaking, this is the first time since the Diva's revolution that the women have had a major feud shown the same amount of limited creative care that regularly occurs in the men's divisions. Truly, this is a great accomplishment and a huge step forward for the women's division as a whole.

This bring us to a brand new segment here on the Weekly Wrestling News, which we call, "The Shoot."

Let us consider the multitude of nonsensical developments which occurred on Monday Night RAW around the women's division. Sasha, the newly crowned women's champion, issued a rematch challenge to Charlotte. Charlotte, who undoubtedly has a rematch clause which she intended to cash in anyway. Sasha, with her history of back injuries, demanded that this rematch occur inside Hell in a Cell, the structure renowned within the WWE for causing injury and shortening people's careers. The reason that was given? To set historical precedent. Creative is literally asking us to ignore the history and the long, bitter rivalry these two have shared, perfect justification for a Hell in a Cell match, and instead asked us to believe that these superstars want to have this match both to make history and out of mutual respect for one another as competitors. Oh, and let's throw Roman Reigns and Rusev into this segment as well, just to underscore that this historical women's main event is somehow comparable to the current men's mid-card feud. Truly, we have witnessed history in the making.

And now, the fake wrestling headlines you care about.

WWE announced on Twitter this week that the NXT Women's Champion, Asuka, would face the returning Mickie James at NXT TakeOver: Toronto on November 19th. How bad is the NXT women's division that they have to go ten years into the past to find competition for Asuka? Someone needs to tell the New Day that creative stole their time machine. Our backstage sources report that Dana Brooke is extremely thrilled by Mickie's return. Dana, who is tired of being the butt of every joke in the WWE Women's division, is hopeful that Mickie will quickly regain her on-screen persona of Piggy James.

For those that don't remember Mickie, she debuted as the crazed lesbian stalker of Trish Stratus, which is widely regarded as one of the best women's feuds of all time. Really. Before the Women's Revolution, this was the kind of stuff that was hailed as pinnacle storytelling. Mickie was also the real life fiancé of Spirit Squad member Kenny, before allegedly having an affair with John Cena, resulting in the end of his marriage and producing the sociopathic monster that we now see every week on Total Bellas.

Speaking of Total Bellas, be sure to tune in this week, to watch Nikki Bella attempt to do laundry by herself for the first time in her life. Wackiness ensues when the clueless women's wrestler shrinks an entire load of laundry, including a pair of John Cena's signature jean shorts. In related news, on Smackdown Live this week, Nikki Bella debuted brand new ring gear, coming out for her match dressed in a pair of daisy duke-style jean shorts. No word yet on where Nikki obtained this fashionable new attire.

And with that, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, we have reached the end of yet another episode of the Weekly Wrestling News! Until next time, this is your host, Doc Manson, signing off!

The Weekly Wrestling News is a satirical take on the week of news from the world of professional wrestling. Think of it as being like the Daily Show, but made by way less talented people (Doc Manson).

The News primarily covers WWE, NXT, TNA, Lucha Underground, and ROH, mostly in that order, and has been known to skewer the likes of Vince McMahon, Triple H, John Cena, and Nikki Bella. If you have 15 minutes a week to laugh at the things you love, check us out! You can hear all the rest of our podcasts here, or on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or your podcast directory of choice!

Remember, we make fun because we love!

The Weekly Wrestling News!

This is the Fake News for the week of October 9, 2016!

This week we cover the latest news from the WWE, including Vince McMahon's return to television production, the premier of Total Bellas, the latest from RAW, and SmackDown Live's go home show before No Mercy.

Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 6 - Full Transcript


What’s going on, internet? My name is Doc Manson, and you’re listening to the fake wrestling news.

This week, in our top story, we follow up on news that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has returned to WWE television tapings in the wake of his quad injury and the recent low ratings. Insiders tell us that the billionaire CEO has been absolutely livid with both RAW and Smackdown Live for failing to draw larger audiences in the months following the WWE brand extension. McMahon insists that the root of the issue is that WWE creative has been unable to connect with modern audiences in a meaningful way with their characters and storylines. While this is sound reasoning, you know it’s bad when the advocate of the mainstream audience in your company is a 71-year-old billionaire recluse.

Beyond the issues with creative direction, McMahon has also taken umbrage with the lack of live WWE wrestling from Thursday to Saturday nights. The business savvy billionaire believes that there simply isn’t enough wrestling currently in the market, given that two weekends a month currently lack pay-per-view style live events. Sources say that McMahon will target these underutilized time slots through the addition of a third brand. That’s just what we need right now! More wrestling!

 New docu-series Total Bellas premiered this past week on E!. The series is a spin-off from the other WWE docu-series, Total Divas, but it exclusively follows the lives of the Bella twins, Brie and Nikki, following Nikki’s major neck surgery last year. The show also features Daniel Bryan and John Cena, both of whom must constantly question all their life choices.

For those unfamiliar with the reality television versions of the Bella twins, Nikki is the mean-spirited, squawky one that is obsessed with designer fashion, and Brie, well Brie, is the other one. She likes the earth, and… not showering. Put them both in a room with Big Johnny, the famed People Power General Manager of RAW that also happens to be bumping uglies with the Bella twins’ mom, and let’s just see what wackiness ensues!

This week on RAW, Braun Strowman won yet another squash match against yet another no name competitor. After the match, Strowman was interviewed by Byron Saxton, who asked the giant competitor what challenge he was seeking to conquer next. In response, Strowman stroked his beard and appeared contemplative for several long moments, before eventually answering that he’d like to take up crotchet. Strowman has his eye on a nice pattern for a beard cozy to complement the cool Fall weather. We look forward to seeing the finished product in the upcoming weeks.

The Weekly Wrestling News is sponsored by Pennsylvania Dutch Rocking Chairs. Yes, that’s Pennsylvania Dutch Rocking Chairs – So sturdy, even a rage filled viper can’t break them!

 Following up on the topic of low ratings for RAW, the WWE returned to the celebrity guest host format this week, featuring Ashton Kutcher and that other guy, with the beard, who was on that show with him once. You really have to admire the WWE for returning to the guest host trope given that it has never helped them with ratings in the past. That is utter, blind commitment to beating a horse long after it has expired. Seriously, no more guest hosts. That horse is no more. It has ceased to be. Its metabolic processes are now history. It’s kicked the bucket. It’s shuffled off his mortal coil and run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. It is an ex- horse.

This week on RAW, Jericho continued making THE LIST OF JERICHO. Added to THE LIST this week were all three members of the New Day and, at the behest of WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens, Xavier Woods was added to THE LIST not once but twice. We’re not sure whether Jericho’s list can continue as a gimmick through this holiday season, but, if IT can, we are looking forward to the battle of the naughty lists on the Christmas episode of RAW this year.

Speaking of Xavier Woods and Kevin Owens, Owens urged Woods be added to the List of Jericho after an exchange between the two in which Owens accused the New Day of jumping the shark and Woods responded by asking when was the last time Owens jumped over anything. As hilarious as weight shaming can be, we’re receiving reports that Owens has taken the comment very seriously and has reportedly decided that he will attempt to jump over Springfield gorge on his skateboard. We go now to live footage from the scene of the jump.

*Insert Springfield Gorge – Simpsons clip audio*

Our second sponsor this week is a company called Tap Out. I’m not overly familiar, but I think they may sell some sort of athletic clothing, or possibly nutrient supplements. Honestly, their ad copy isn’t exactly clear. All I can say is, for a company whose primary video spokespersons are Alicia Fox and Dolph Ziggler, the name Tap Out might just be a little too on the nose.

This week on Smackdown Live, Bray Wyatt lost yet another match against the Devil’s Favorite Demon, Kane. With yet another impressive singles loss, we here at the fake news cannot help but wonder how long Bray Wyatt can keep up his vaunted, once-in-a-lifetime streak of losing every single feud he’s ever been a part of. Come on, Bray. We’re all pulling for you!

Speaking of Wyatt, the mind games between Bray and Randy Orton continued this week as the Eater of Worlds found himself temporarily locked inside a shipping container by the Viper. Wyatt was eventually freed when WWE creative realized that Hell in a Cell is a RAW-exclusive event and thus this segment was a waste of perfectly good foreshadowing.

Smackdown Live’s Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, hosted a special edition of MizTV this week, featuring his opponent at No Mercy, Dolph Ziggler. During the segment, the Miz premiered a Dolph-umentary, featuring highlights from Ziggler’s career, including his time as a member of the male cheerleading group, the Spirit Squad, and from Ziggler’s WWE debut as Kerwin White’s caddy. For those of you that don’t remember, former WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero was given a character gimmick in which he portrayed a white, suburbanite golf pro. Yes, fans, there was a time when WWE took a member of the most famous Mexican wrestling family in the history of the sport and turned him into a WASP-y golfer. World Wrestling Entertainment – Fun for the whole family! Provided, of course, that your family enjoys racial whitewashing! Fun for the whole family!

Also on Smackdown Live this week, the Irish Lass-kicker and Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came to the rescue of Nikki Bella, saving Nikki from a double-team beat down by Alexa Bliss and Carmella. This was a truly character defining moment for the new Women’s champion, showing that Becky is a strong enough person that she is willing to overlook and forgive all of the Team Bella hostility that she had to endure last year. Unfortunately, this moment also served to remind us that wrestling is scripted, because, as we all know, in real life, a woman never forgives.

And with that, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, we have reached the end of yet another episode of the Weekly Wrestling News! Until next time, this is your host, Doc Manson, signing off!

The Weekly Wrestling News is a satirical take on the week of news from the world of professional wrestling. Think of it as being like the Daily Show, but made by way less talented people (Doc Manson).

The News primarily covers WWE, NXT, TNA, Lucha Underground, and ROH, mostly in that order, and has been known to skewer the likes of Vince McMahon, Triple H, John Cena, and Nikki Bella. If you have 15 minutes a week to laugh at the things you love, check us out! You can hear all the rest of our podcasts here, or on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or your podcast directory of choice!

Remember, we make fun because we love!
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